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 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Birdman 2Bird433
2.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Melody MasterFTG430
3.Birdman 1Bird422
4.Doc & DJ--If Our Rhyme Was a Drug We'd Sell It by the GrahamDoc & DJ422
5.Gary Carter, Thanks for the CashGhost of Stiffs Past421
6.Winner, Winner, Chicken DinnerPooky325
8.Feasting Maggots 4Feasting Maggots324
9.Thus Spake FredNietzsche: Die, Bitches, Die!FredNietzsche324
10.Bill Janklow, Thanks for the CashGhost of Stiffs Past323
11.Death Soup: How Am I Doin'? Not Too Well.MJ and Friends323
12.Feasting Maggots 1Feasting Maggots322
14.Quick Like a Bunny Into the Grave!FredNietzsche322
15.You're Due, Run Run Run! You're Due, Run Run!USER00353322
16.Feasting Maggots 3Feasting Maggots320
17.Feasting Maggots 6Feasting Maggots320
18.Feasting Maggots 9Feasting Maggots317
19.Run Silent Run DeepWallbanger317
20.Ted Bundy's Escort ServiceTed Bundy Escort Service316
21.Ultraman Death Squad1BCeltics313
22.Birdman - Paying the Price for FameBird219
23.Feasting Maggots 5Feasting Maggots219
24.Feasting Maggots 2Feasting Maggots218
25.Feasting Maggots 7Feasting Maggots218
26.I Am the MC Hammer of the Gods!FredNietzsche217
27.Roger, Wilko, Over and OutGhost of Stiffs Past215
28.Sine Die: Obit HeadlinersSine Die215
29.The Birth of Tragedy & the Death of These Twats IIFredNietzsche215
30.Half Mad, Mad, Mat at the WorldJKav5828
31.313th Dead Division1BCeltics27
32.A Marie's Dead OnA Marie110
33.Diva O'Doom's Death Watch IIcybermaven110
34.Fade to Back 1Fade to Black110
37.Randy's StiffsSurfbytes110
38.Soon to Be Ex-Parrotsmommarina110
39.Sure why not 4Bismark110
40.The End My Friendcleves place110
41.Bob Dole is on this list!Dinobob19
42.Die Alreadycomputerstreber19
44.It's okay to go #1Archangel18
45.Mortal CoilJohnHinesJr18
46.The Big VacationLady Die15
47.Bruce's StiffsSurfbytes14
48.Rook's Death Wish ListRook14
49.It's okay to go #2Archangel12
50.Political All StarDinobob11
51.Bloated Stinky Fleshshorty7ft00
53.Death Gran Prix TrixJackCostello00
54.Double A's Dead Ringerslongbino00
55.Eheu fugaces . labuntur annimommyster00
56.First to goblurred100
57.Maybe a wishlistphilomela00
59.Sure why not 5Bismark00
60.Sure why not 6Bismark00


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