Madame Chiang Kai-Shek has been played on 1551 lists, including 85 lists in The March '03 Lee Jr..

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1.FTG: Don't Worry We'll Think of a TitleFTG313
2.George StiffanopolisUSER01841312
4.Tsuga - Racecar Backwards Spells Racecar Tsuga216
5.Gwen StiffaniUSER01841215
6.Zach Censored This List NameUSER00750215
7.alisa's pixUSER01834213
9.Redsox Fan 21BCeltics212
10.H. R. PuffinstiffUSER01841211
11.MA14: With Carol Shields for All-Day ProtectionUSER01375211
12.Morris Chestnut Stars In Like MikeUSER01809211
13.Jackalope Ghost RevivedJackalope_Ghost29
14.Oat Cell CarcinomaUSER0184227
15.Die, aging Republicans, die!USER0183826
16.Wild John's Triumphant ReturnUSER0105725
17.Bart and DJ - The List with No NameUSER0157724
18.Bart and DJ - List 6USER01577110
19.Carcass Cavalcade 3robbo110
20.The Thirsty RhinoUSER00036110
21.BIG E - Everyone's Top TenUSER0136719
22.BIG E - God & CountryUSER0136719
23.Deadaphids Pop ContestUSER0182319
24.Dr. Who - Older Than DirtUSER0014619
25.Jackalope GhostJackalope_Ghost19
26.New Deal Used Cars! Did Ya Hear What I Said?FTG19
27.Now Wait Just a Goddamn MinuteFTG19
28.Pushin' Daisies 1Tripper19
29.Redsox Fan 121BCeltics19
30.Redsox Fan 91BCeltics19
31.Soon B Gonn VIEdhead2219
32.The ChosenUSER0075019
33.Wave Bye ByeUSER0075019
34.A Red Chariot to Take My Ass Straight to HellFTG18
35.Dead List WalkingDead Person Specialist, E18
36.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Tuck EverlastingFTG18
38.Angelina Scary JolieUSER0002617
39.Femme Fatale-You Go GirlUSER0120517
41.Justin Hale 13USER0153117
42.Agatha's Horde 6USER0180716
43.I Would Have Made A Good PopeUSER0075016
44.Agatha's Horde 5USER0180715
45.MA 1: March Mortality MadnessUSER0137515
46.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 1USER0113015
47.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 10USER0113015
48.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 11USER0113015
49.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 12USER0113015
50.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 13USER0113015
51.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 14USER0113015
52.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 15USER0113015
53.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 2USER0113015
54.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 3USER0113015
55.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 4USER0269515
56.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 5USER0269515
57.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 6USER0269515
58.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 7USER0269515
59.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 8USER0113015
60.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 9 USER0113015
61.Carcass Cavalcade 1robbo14
62.MA 5: 106 years later, hungry for her to croakUSER0137514
63.Moraxian - Something OldMoraxian14
64.Agatha's Horde 3USER0180711
65.Die before meUSER0136611
66.MA11: If NY blows up send my $ to next of kinUSER0137511
67.Agatha's Horde 1USER0180700
68.BIG E - Girls Night OutUSER0136700
69.Bite the DustUSER0183000
70.Don Pescado - Five finger discountUSER0151300
71.MA17: Now Directing Basic ExtinctUSER0137500
72.March SadnessFrankie Pentangeli00
73.Necro Phil's Invitation to the CemetaryUSER0137100
75.Nurseboy 4Nurseboy00
76.Paddy O'Bitchery 3USER0005900
77.Reap 'Em & Weep 2USER0055700
78.Ren & StiffyUSER0184100
79.Scott in PhillyScott in Philly00
80.Semen is not a beverage choice.USER0077900
81.Soul Train 2robbo00
82.The Viper Strikes AgainUSER0171500
83.The Viper Strikes Again and AgainUSER0171500
84.The Viper Strikes Again and Again and AgainUSER0171500
85.Tusga - The Sky Was Yellow and the Sun Was BlueTsuga00


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