Madame Chiang Kai-Shek has been played on 1551 lists, including 48 lists in The March '01 Lee Jr..

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.M.I.'s Just For Fun 3USER03558320
2.Vicious Piranha? Easy WinnersUSER02823217
3.Rick The Bastard 1USER00425216
4.Nietzsche is dead-God 1jrUSER01090215
6.Mafia Actuary 3USER02730212
7.Wild John's Ash AssemblageUSER01057210
8.Blackadder 3USER0263627
9.On Their Last Legsohsostrange27
10.elegance to the end 2USER00992110
11.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Coroner CreekFTG19
13.Otis You Want A Treat?USER0000819
14.Blackadder 200000218
15.Doc--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ18
16.Obit 1USER0005918
17.elegance to the end 1USER0099217
18.Man In The Box 4USER0273217
19.Doc--...than a Starbucks in Harlem.Doc & DJ16
20.elegance to the end 3USER0357016
21.No Viagra Needed 2No Viagra Needed16
22.Don Pescado-Four Putts to HeavenUSER0105815
23.Hangin' by a thread 2USER0131514
24.Mafia Actuary 4USER0137514
26.Dr. Who - Older than DirtUSER0014611
27.Go See God- Time's Up!!USER0077911
28.An entry with no nameNo Viagra Needed00
29.Bag Em & Tag EmUSER0131100
30.Blackadder 100000200
31.College Ghoul QueenDEADMOM196000
32.Crash Davis 1USER0132000
33.Death 2000+1DeathWish00
34.Doc--Orenthal ResetDoc & DJ00
35.El Aurens 3USER0096500
37.First Try 1USER0128900
38.General Blastforth 2Roger Gowiththrottleup00
39.Go See God- Take a deep breath and hold it..USER0341600
40.Gov. William J. LePetomaneUSER0278900
41.Grim Rapper 2Grim Rapper00
42.Hedley LamarrNo Viagra Needed00
44.No Viagra Needed 1No Viagra Needed00
45.Sheriff BartNo Viagra Needed00
46.Tsuga Comes AliveUSER0355600
47.Tsuga VultureUSER0003900


Guess the Stiff!

"Put a coupla pennies on Ol' Blue Eyes .... He's a goner."
No, that's no good. We gotta do better than that. How 'bout
"Start spreadin' the news -- he's dead."
No, that's lame. This death is big. This death is bigger than big. It's huge. We need something really fantastic, like
"The Chairman is as stiff as a board."
That sucks. Dammit, we've got to think harder!
"From Here To Eternity."
"Shot down in May."
Pathetic. Wait a sec,
"He did it--"
No, no, that's worse than the Henny Youngman thing. Jesus, the pressure is killing us. Do you people have any idea what this is like? Seventy-five million of you bloodthirsty sons-of-bitches are gonna be checking into this site right here, just to see what we write about Frank, and you know what? Yeah, he was a big star and a boozer and a womanizer and a pig and everything, but we know you bastards, and you're vicious. You're gonna want us to go for the jugular on this one, and man, we just weren't ready. Yeah, yeah, we shoulda seen it coming, it's true, but, jeez, the guy's like a statue or something, you know? Somehow, we just couldn't imagine it really, actually happening. And now it's happened, and we're completely stuck. Shit. We're fucked. We've been waiting and waiting for them to plant this old fart and put us in the spotlight, and now that baby's trained right on us, and we don't know what the hell to do. Okay, hang on. We've just got to pull it together and give it our best shot. Okay. Let's take a deep breath. We can get through this. Alright. Here we go. Ready?
"He's been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet -- and now he's a corpse."
God, that's horrible. Sorry.

(d) May 14th, 1998