King Sihanouk has been played on 877 lists, including 70 lists in The March '01 Lee Jr..

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Dead Cat Bounce 3USER02653323
2.Pepster 5USER02760320
3.Pepster 6USER02760320
4.Adolph Cutyourcockoff (Boris is my Bro) 2USER02689319
5.The Mexican Fireman: Hose-A 3USER02689319
6.Adolph Cutyourcockoff (Boris is my Bro) 3USER02689318
7.98.6 degrees is way too warm...USER03566313
8.And Then There Were NoneDePressED312
9.Nurseboy 1USER0177239
10.DePressED 3USER02621219
11.Paul ToombesUSER02621218
12.DePressED 1USER02621217
13.M.I.'s Lethal InjectionUSER00008217
14.Mr. Justice WargraveUSER02621216
15.Rick The Bastard 1USER00425216
16.Vicious Piranha? Dutch Belongs On Mt. RushmoreUSER02823216
17.Vicious Piranha? The Breaks Of The GameUSER02823216
18.Ancient RooneUSER02621215
19.DePressED 7USER03575215
20.Nietzsche is dead-God 1jrUSER01090215
21.DePressED 2USER02621214
22.Dr. Anton PhibesUSER02621214
23.Vicious Piranha? The Creator Has A Master PlanUSER02823214
24.Crash Davis 3USER03561213
25.DePressED 9USER02621213
26.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Ill CrosswindsUSER02685212
27.In The Event Bob Hope DiesUSER03551212
28.Bart and DJ - Absence makes the heart grow fonderDoc & DJ211
29.M.I.'s Just For Fun 1USER00008211
30.DePressED 6USER02621210
31.DNR/DNI 1USER0357229
32.Cartman's Jr. B ListUSER0101328
33.Obit 3USER0275325
34.DePressED 8USER02621110
35.DePressED 4USER0262119
36.DXRob 1USER0048919
37.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Fort MassacreFTG19
38.POPE 1USER0010819
39.Wild John's Celebrity CinerariumUSER0341119
40.Coatlicue-Chosen ExecutionerUSER0105818
41.Doc--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ18
42.Man In The Box 2USER0273218
43.Nurseboy 3USER0275118
44.Obit 1USER0005918
45.Man In The Box 1USER0107417
46.Man In The Box 4USER0273217
47.Nurseboy 2USER0177217
48.POPE 4USER0010817
49.Doc--...than a Starbucks in Harlem.Doc & DJ16
50.Doc--Brisco & Logan Visit RodgersDoc & DJ16
51.Lili Von ShtuppUSER0356316
52.Nurseboy 4USER0177216
53.POPE 3USER0010815
54.Bart and DJ - Oklahoma HeroinDoc & DJ14
55.Bart and DJ - Fertilizer for the SoulUSER0355012
57.An entry with no nameNo Viagra Needed00
58.Cartman's Jr. A ListUSER0101300
59.College Ghoul QueenDEADMOM196000
60.Crash Davis 1USER0132000
61.Doc--Burn in Hell You Redneck FuckUSER0355300
62.Doc--I Forgot My Cool NameUSER0355400
63.Doc--Orenthal ResetDoc & DJ00
64.Grim Rapper 1Grim Rapper00
65.Grim Rapper 2Grim Rapper00
66.Hangin' by a thread 3 ... going straight to Hell.USER0354100
67.MongoNo Viagra Needed00
68.Nietzsche is dead-God 3jrUSER0343500
69.Pepster 2USER0005500
70.Tsuga Away TeamUSER0355500


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Once governor of Maine, he lost his re-election bid to political powerhouse Edmund Muskie. No wonder we never heard of him.

(d) October 22nd, 1998