Kim Jong-il has been played on 453 lists, including 108 lists in The 2010 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Birdman - Big Effing DioBird534
2.Stiff in the MorningUSER05956533
3.DGD - LustDGD526
4.Stiff Upper LipUSER05956526
5.Sod SquadBarker J. Wagtail430
6.Doc & DJ--Dick Clark is Now Worse than Willie Mays with the MetsDoc & DJ429
7.DGD - EnvyDGD426
8.Notorious R.I.PRadler426
9.Stiphan HawkingUSER05956426
10.Birdman - Dear Abby, Why Can't I Win?Bird425
11.-ty-alan smithee424
12.Mary Tyler Morgue - Sleeps with the FishMary Tyler Morgue424
13.DGD - WrathDGD423
14.Exoendo Zuzubar ('09 Champs)exoendo zuzubar423
15.DePressED4 - They Think We're Gonna Cut Their Throats Or Somethin'DePressED420
16.A Leftover List That's Free I HopeRD02416
17.Loki 3Loki413
18.Birdman - $3,000 Buys Alot Of Entries!Bird327
19.Justin Hale 02USER01531325
20.Death Soup: Will Get Fooled Again!MJ and Friends324
21.O3 and FreonO3322
22.Come on I wanns See 'em in a mausoleum 3EdRulz321
23.Good Luck -- We're All Counting on Diealan smithee321
24.Yes, Have Some ... Deathalan smithee321
25.Joined the Choir Invisiblesplittertogo320
26.NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa Hey Hey Hey Goodbye!Gryphon320
27.Tsuga - Misting FidgetsTsuga319
28.Death Cab for UglyUSER02331318
29.O3 + HydrogenO3318
30.DGD - AvariceDGD317
31.Feasting Maggots 1Feasting Maggots316
32.I can't win if they don't interTitanPilot316
33.yeah yeah buh byeyeah yeah buh bye316
34.Feasting Maggots 3Feasting Maggots315
35.O3 and XBoxO3315
36.Bring It On: Biggs Has To GoDeath Bastard314
37.yeah yeah buh bye 3yeah yeah buh bye313
38.Reaper Madness #1ReaperMadness312
39.Tell Your Don What Everyone Seems To KnowFrankie Pentangeli312
40.Come on I wanns See 'em in a mausoleumEdRulz219
41.DGD - greedDGD218
42.Mattoid - The Free ListThe Mattoid218
43.My Wife's Cat Wants Me DeadSeaPepto217
44.O3 and WaterO3217
45.yeah yeah buh bye 6yeah yeah buh bye217
46.Back to the Life...Dead LifeBack to the Dead Life216
48.The Dirt NappersTaugh216
49.Easy MoneyEasy Money215
50.Kick the Buck, EttsRawkwell215
51.H.R. PufnstiffUSER05956214
52.Here I come Againcoachgary214
53.Deadly Debutante IDeadly Debutante213
54.La Muerte2LaMuerte213
56.Stiff Breeze (the saga continues) 3Captain Chaos 08213
57.DGD - PrideDGD212
58.Horizontally YoursBarker J. Wagtail212
59.Bring It ONDeath Bastard211
61.Deathscore ThreeDeathscore211
62.Die NowDie Now211
63.In the Ground IIIn the Box Looking Up211
64.Lots o' sick bastardsBJCx78211
65.Stiffi GrafUSER0595628
66.Hurry Up and Die Already, Part Xhurryupndiealready27
67.I WozUSER0033626
68.your dead too meYou're Dead To Me!26
69.your dead too meYou're Dead To Me!26
70.JT: Now I'm Just Pulling Names Outta My AssTripper25
71.Feasting Maggots 2Feasting Maggots110
72.Ghoul Girl IVGhoul Girl110
73.Guess Who Died? 2ZUSER01484110
74.Rigor IIIRigor110
75.The Winning List10/10 in 202119
76.!!! ALBRECHT SAYS DIE 3Albrecht18
77.Die already Vigoda.TitanPilot18
78.George StiffanopoulosUSER0595618
79.Rigor IIRigor18
80.The World Would Be A Better PlaceThe Gilberator18
81.MyBlackListJeff G17
82.Another Jolly Dead FellowFluvenson16
83.Radtex: I Hearse You Been CoffinRadtex16
84.SFD Dead PoolOldDocMcCoy16
85.Always Look on the Bright Side of Death2Angel of Death15
87.Dub's third listTheOriginalDub15
88.Grim ProfiteerNice Sicko15
89.Rigor IRigor15
91.Roscoe's Ringersroscoe51613
92.6 FEET UNDER (1)0249512
93.Dirt Naps For Fun And Profit 1FrankJac12
94.Chicken at Tresky's1Chicken at Tresky's11
96.Mary Tyler Morgue's (Kick The) Bucket ListMary Tyler Morgue11
97.100% Deadchakakhanoz00
98.Anyone die today? #2Archangel00
99.Brody Bunchmicbrody00
100.Curlys free oneBig Con00
101.Dead as DoornailsUSER0238500
103.Death Cab for World LeadersUSER0233100
104.Dirt Nap 2010More Beer00
105.Exploding Brain Matter IIIGhoul Girl00
106.Get to the chopperwho's going for a swim00
107.Screwthebcs 2Screwthebcs00
108.Susie's DeadmeatsSusie Sicko00


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