Fidel Castro has been played on 3598 lists, including 49 lists in The 2005 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.MA04: From Cold Warrior to Cold CorpseUSER01375641
2.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed526
3.Rigamortas, your table is readyUSER01895430
4.sink or dieUSER02141430
5.Too Sick Minds - Drunk on CheeseUSER01711430
6.Beer ChicksBeer Sisters427
7.Knock Knock You're Dead tooUSER02223426
8.Lary Bic is HungryUSER02247422
9.His Ten FuneralsJerrytopdown324
11.UPS Extra Cheese and Sausage dirtnapjoseph8080319
12.Bastille: War and stuffUSER00220314
13.Die 4 Me Willya?Chickeyd313
14.Awakening on Azrael's SideUSER02196219
15.Deadman's PartyBig Bald Jon218
16.Lee HarveyUSER02212218
19.Dick Tate or Dick Tate EdUSER02131216
20.JMD - Take Dive in 2005Mr Wonderful216
21.Baby Don't Fear The Reaper 2005USER01886215
23.RigorMortis IRigor215
24.They're All GonersUSER01380215
25.I got a mandateUSER02156214
26.Revenge on The Claw !!!USER02243214
27.Bagged and Taggedecho0816213
28.La Muerte 1LaMuerte213
30.MA14: Muerte a la revolucion!USER01375212
31.River Styx Shipping News - Flotsam and JetsamUSER01729212
32.Northern Reaper - Smell My Fingernorthern reaper211
33.!ALBRECHT SAYS DIE 2Albrecht110
34.ACP1- Drink Your Peas Pope JohnUSER01872110
35.Around the World - International DeadSusieb110
36.E-Brake & Mafia Actuary: Love to hate you babyE-Brake110
37.Family & FriendsDeathWish110
39.RigorMortis IIIRigor110
40.Surfer Rosa ParksJackalope_Ghost110
41.NVN:Somebody has to pay for my next Disney tripNo Viagra Needed19
42.I Said They're DeadJudysomething18
43.Chrisknauf's Poolaknauf00
44.Dead BedwettersUSER0193700
46.Femme Fatale: Your Vote Does CountUSER0120500
47.Jeebus Clubs You 2Hugh G. Wrekshun00
49.Northern Reaper - A new year of corpsesnorthern reaper00


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The 58th richest American now takes his rightful place in history as a sticky blob on the underside of capitalism's theatre seat. Ever try to get those things off after a couple days? No, you probably never even thought about it. You're one of those people that just takes that gooey sucker right out of your mouth, whenever you get tired of it, and slaps it under the nearest available piece of furniture. Hey, it's dark, why not? Never mind that some poor slob who's worried about the price of a rebuilt alternator is gonna spend a half-hour trying to chisel that melanoma-like mouthful of chemicals off without damaging the fucking wood. Ever wonder why we have carjackings, you filthy, stupid, rich pig bastard?! What's that? Another one of you thoughtless bloodsuckers blew a gasket? Well, right on, baby! Right on!!

(d) March 8th, 1999