Elisabeth Kubler-Ross has been played on 559 lists, including 92 lists in The 2001 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Vicious Piranha - You Can Call Me AlUSER02826320
3.Arrivederci PapaUSER01218219
4.DU LAC 3USER02675217
5.Ghoul Girl 2Ghoul Girl217
6.DNR/DNI 2Nurseboy216
7.Mulch Monkey 2USER00309216
8.We Spin TerrorUSER01145216
9.ForrestTucker'sGhost: Beneath the Sands of Iwo JimUSER02682214
10.Danszaman 2USER00444213
11.ForrestTucker'sGhost: Uncle Miltie is a ThumbdickUSER03526213
12.Legion Of Doom 2001-CUSER02720213
13.Christopher Reeve's Luca Brasi for Atty. GeneralUSER03484212
14.ForrestTucker'sGhost: Afternoon Bugle Plays 'Taps'FTG212
15.ForrestTucker'sGhost: Penny Over The Crawling EyeFTG211
16.Pipers at the Gates of DeathUSER01058211
17.T. Switala 4USER00025211
18.Justin Hale 1USER02782210
19.Man In The Box 2USER02732210
20.Boris Cutyourcockoff 2USER0278229
21.Legion Of Doom 2001-BUSER0272029
22.The Sick PuppiesGhoulash29
23.Dr. Steve 1USER0053628
24.Justin Hale 2USER0278228
25.Kiss your axehole goodbyeUSER0349728
26.Ophelia Openhole 1USER0278228
28.Circling VultureUSER00780110
29.Et Tu Kevork 1USER00901110
30.ForrestTucker'sGhost: California PassagesUSER02682110
31.Just Die, Baby!USER01275110
33.Mafia Actuary 3USER02730110
34.Port Credit Pall BearerUSER00744110
35.T. Switala 5USER00025110
36.Bart&DJ 4 You're Dead FockerDoc & DJ19
37.Circling The DrainUSER0067119
38.Doc--All dressed up with no where to go.USER0351319
39.ForrestTucker'sGhost: The not so Quiet GunFTG19
40.I'll Be Grateful When They're DeadUSER0005819
41.Man In The Box 4USER0352219
42.MBALMED 1MBalmed19
43.MBALMED 2MBalmed19
44.The Write-In Road To RooneUSER0345919
45.Doc--Steve walks merrily down the streetDoc & DJ18
46.Not Gotti Nuff Time 1USER0062118
47.Nurseboy - Lethal InjectionUSER0275118
48.POPE 3USER0010818
49.Reaper's minionUSER0097918
50.Sarcasm Man 2USER0031218
52.Christopher Reeve's horse head bedroom decorUSER0002017
53.Trash TalkersUSER0128317
54.Dead MeatUSER0011914
55.Door Nails 1USER0112214
56.Armin's Inferno: The 8th CircleUSER0348613
57.Doc--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ13
58.Gravediggers 1USER0123312
60.Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid !USER0345311
62.As If It Were Your Last 3USER0262400
63.Assuming Room TemperatureUSER0051800
64.Axe 2USER0035500
65.Cadavers R UsUSER0122000
67.Daisy PusherUSER0108400
68.Dead People Server www.dpsinfo.com/index.shtmlUSER0038000
69.Death Angel 1Angel of Death00
70.Deathpool DaveDRave1300
71.Doc--with his brim pulled way down low.Doc & DJ00
72.Door Nails 2USER0112200
73.Dr. Jack Fanclub 2Chachi00
74.Dr. Who - Meet your MakerUSER0343100
75.Frank Burns Eats WormsUSER0121900
76.I'm Succumbing!Frankie Pentangeli00
78.Legion Of Doom 2001-AUSER0049700
79.Mary Tyler Morgue 1Mary Tyler Morgue00
80.Means More RockUSER0274700
81.Morpheus1Chicken at Tresky's00
82.Mulch Monkey 1USER0030900
83.no viagra neededNo Viagra Needed00
84.POPE 5USER0010800
85.PVT RYAN 3USER0096500
86.Rick The Bastard 1USER0042500
87.Rick The Bastard 2USER0042500
88.The Ralph Lunsford Steering Committee 1USER0058100
90.Tsuga MagnificaUSER0003900
91.Tsuga SupersonicaUSER0343900
92.Wednesday 1Wednesday00


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