Billy Graham has been played on 6519 lists, including 53 lists in The February 2014 Lee Jr..

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1.This Hurricane's Chasing Us All UndergroundNumber1User530
2.Happen pretty pleasedominoes2009314
3.The Viennese Teardrop Takes a Final BowNumber1User310
4.Play DeadJohnny WhiteCloud38
5.Graham Cracker CrustyNumber1User213
6.Chicken at Tresky's #4Chicken at Tresky's211
7.The Death ProfiteerThe Death Profiteer211
8.Ol' Number1User Has the Facebook Folks ConfusedNumber1User210
10.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Quiet GunFTG29
12.One foot on the banana peel...Dr.Slime28
13.Unreliable Memoirs, More Reliable LeukemiaNumber1User27
14.A Friend to Presidents, a Tormentor to Dead-PoolersNumber1User26
15.We, Who Are Betting on Your Imminent Demise, Salute Yousaintbaloney26
16.Who Caresgrim reaper always wins26
17.Tomtsled-Just TomtsledTomtsled25
19.Bottom of the Net? More Like Bottom of the LifespanNumber1User110
21.Death March 21BCeltics19
22.Dust, Jr.Star Dust19
23.Reap 'Em & Weep #5USER0055719
24.Styx and Stones IStunnned19
25.Taking a Stance No MoreGregDean19
26.The Short ListCrystal Balls19
27.Burryn Bill 2014ABurry'n Bill18
28.Everybody's Gonna Have Rev. Billy, but So What?Number1User18
29.Lighten up, Francistkdmel18
30.Death and CookiesWallbanger17
31.Dust on IceStar Dust17
32.Martha PearlDiane17
33.Clear Case of Accomplishment Over Name RecognitionNumber1User16
34.Coffin ChaserCoffin Chaser16
35.Death Eating A CrackerWallbanger16
36.Here For The RemovalKiller Swedes16
37.Death Comes for These IIIJohnHines15
38.Feasting Maggots 2Feasting Maggots15
39.Mashiki Death Tomb1BCeltics15
40.Get Going AlreadyChris Goulart14
41.The Long Rest Jr.scm9912
42.MrJeff's February Distressmrjeff200011
43.2014Stuffy Lives00
44.Arvada KadavraChris Goulart00
45.Big Yellow BlowfliesBodyFarmBound00
46.Circling the DrainDiamond Geezer00
47.Cog's CorpsesCog1400
48.Death At The DoorWallbanger00
49.Death Comes for These IJohnHines00
51.Num NutsCoffin Chaser00
52.Rust in PeaceChris Goulart00
53.Wilcojunkie's Fun Listwilcojunkie00


Guess the Stiff!

It's not that he was JUST the cartoonist who created Family Circus, we'll have you know he ALSO did Channel Chuckles and Silly Philly, to say nothing of the fact that he was PRESIDENT of the National Cartoonists Society for 3 years, AND was close friends with Jeff MacNelly, the creator of Shoe.

That's all we got.

(d) November 8th, 2011