Billy Graham has been played on 6519 lists, including 65 lists in The February 2010 Lee Jr..

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Justin Hale 09USER01531532
2.NVN: STILL dont like the new select o maticNo Viagra Needed532
3.Justin Hale 02USER01531530
4.Death Becomes HerSusie Sicko527
5.(First) Ladies! STOP Your Engines!MaudieG432
6.Justin Hale 03USER01531431
7.Justin Hale 13USER01531431
8.Justin Hale 15USER01531431
9.Justin Hale 01USER01531430
10.Feasting Maggots 2Feasting Maggots429
11.Pop Quiz Hot Shot...YOU'RE DEAD!Pokey22429
12.Justin Hale 04USER01531428
13.Justin Hale 10USER01531428
14.DamnjanjukGhost of Stiffs Past426
15.Yearnin' for Ferlin and MerlinGhost of Stiffs Past426
16.Bye Bye...Die Soon!Dead Fred423
17.DEADHEADS (1)02495423
18.Doc & DJ--Numbers GameDoc & DJ418
19.JT: The Top TenTripper418
20.Justin Hale 05USER01531327
21.Justin Hale 06USER01531327
22.Justin Hale 07USER01531327
23.Justin Hale 08USER01531327
24.Justin Hale 12USER01531327
25.Justin Hale 14USER01531327
26.We regret to inform you, you have six months to dieSarkon327
27.Justin Hale 11USER01531324
28.Stiffs Knows Men's HoopsGhost of Stiffs Past323
29.NVN: Nudge Nudge Wink WinkNo Viagra Needed322
30.AT LAST...My Death Has Come AlongPokey22321
31.RD02: Just one this timeRD02321
32.EMFC Toe Tag...You're ItEMFCoffin320
33.Kellster Called Me a MoronUSER00750320
34.Death WatchSusie Sicko318
35.Formida's ListFormida42311
37.Death Soup: Well, Since He's Famous...MJ and Friends217
38.Doc & DJ--Lost Better Fucking DeliverDoc & DJ217
39.A Preacher, A Teacher, and A Creature!Frankie Pentangeli216
40.Try Try AgainFrankJac216
41.3 Dead ones underDigger O Dell214
42.Some Pigfray214
43.Tomtsled/Po-town Street People Are Extra Special CrazyTomtsled213
44.Vadnelly VoodoosVadnelly Voodoos213
45.LISTE JR DE FRANK 0210Meo212
46.They look dead!Dead Fred212
47.Cemetery Girls Jr #1Cemetery Girls211
48.Shazam IIIKudsKroakers211
49.Doc & DJ--Needed More Research This GameDoc & DJ29
51.Soon B. Gonn 4Edhead2225
52.JT: DOATripper110
53.Roger Gowiththrottleup 2Roger Gowiththrottleup110
54.themayorpete's can't miss funerals of 2010 listthemayorpete110
55.cd5dh Do not go gently into the good night..just GO!cerista14
56.Get In The Meat Wagon So I Can WIn the Lee Jr!Chancellor D'Exchecker12
57.Maybe their timeclaudia11
58.Basically 2004's listSarkon00
59.bye byesflakey00
60.Deadites IPicoD00
61.Deadites IIIPicoD00
62.On the Way Out SoonerMicky the Eyes00
63.On the Way Out SoonestMicky the Eyes00
64.Skunkhair Jr. # 1skunkhair00
65.Team Formalin: Decade 2.0anarchess00


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