The Robert Young Edict

Years ago, at one of the first of the annual gatherings for The Invitational, this situation arose and was solved so quickly that we didn’t even think it worth mentioning, until now. With prize money skyrocketing, membership swelling, and road rage getting out of hand, it becomes ever more important for us to cover our asses. So, an entry was opened (we’re back at the party now) and the name Robert Young was announced, to which lunatic Uncle Gary cried, “Which one!?” Seems that Gary had once worked with a director by that name whom he claimed was famous, even though nobody else had ever heard of the guy. So, we just sprayed Gary with beer and moved on.

Did I just wet my trousers?The ruling was instantly made that whenever a proposed celebrity shares the name of one or more others, and no clarification is made, The Commissioner, in his finite wisdom, shall decide which of them is in play. This decision will be made based upon whichever celebrity is deemed by said Commissioner to have achieved the greatest level of fame. In the words of Mel Brooks, it’s good to be the King.