Scott Carpenter has been played on 56 lists, including 22 lists in The 2013 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Ya Ever Have Your Ivories Tickled?Ghost of Stiffs Past743
2.Not Gonna Do It. Wouldn't Be Prudent.Ghost of Stiffs Past740
3.There Is No Such Thing as Part FreedomGhost of Stiffs Past733
4.If 2013 Is a Centenarian Cavalcade, Then Look OutGhost of Stiffs Past643
5.Cause of Death Was Mercury PoisoningGhost of Stiffs Past642
6.Ghost's Best Chance for an Improbable RepeatGhost of Stiffs Past640
7.Hold On Tight, We'll Muddle Through, One Death at a TimeGhost of Stiffs Past640
8.Lord Help the Mister Who Comes Between Me and My SisterGhost of Stiffs Past640
9.For Spacious Skies: M.'s Uncommon JourneyGhost of Stiffs Past638
10.Adieu, Run, Run, Run, Adieu Run RunGhost of Stiffs Past637
11.It's Time to Put the LATE Back Into Late Briton!Ghost of Stiffs Past631
12.In Eighth Grade They Called Her Kitty No TittyGhost of Stiffs Past630
13.The Grass May Be Singing, but Underneath It's Deathly QuietGhost of Stiffs Past627
14.How My Doin'? Not Too Well, Your HonorGhost of Stiffs Past538
15.If It Truly Was Pancreatic, Then I Didn't Play Hosni EnoughGhost of Stiffs Past538
16.High Time for a Par-Dee at Stiffs-ComGhost of Stiffs Past531
17.Some Basketball, Some Football, Some BaseballGhost of Stiffs Past518
18.Many More Than One Hundred Years of Solitude NowGhost of Stiffs Past434
19.Hugo as I Go as They Go as We GoGhost of Stiffs Past433
20.Read My Lips: No New BreathingGhost of Stiffs Past425
21.Cayman Gonecayman went422
22.Helter Skelter, Indeed! Now It's Worse Than ChaoticGhost of Stiffs Past410


Guess the Stiff!

If you want to know how good a baseball player he was, just understand that he played for nine seasons on FOUR different teams. So, yeah. Not that good.

(d) March 23rd, 2016