Jack Kevorkian has been played on 471 lists, including 122 lists in The 2007 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.2007 Feasting Maggots 3Feasting Maggots528
2.DGD - Snake River ExplosionDGD526
3.2007 Feasting Maggots 2Feasting Maggots428
4.This is how rumors get startedUSER02248428
5.2007 Feasting Maggots 1Feasting Maggots425
6.DGD - Eight Won't Be EnoughDGD425
7.DGD - Cr?me of the CropDGD423
8.10 Funerals and a VictoryUSER00119327
9.Look Ma-no brain waves!USER01375325
10.Dead BasstedsSBUMP2323
11.DGD - Knotted Necktie For Saddam's Half BroDGD322
12.Die 4 Me Willya 2007Chickeyd321
13.Loki ILoki321
14.Psychotic but still CharmingUSER02417321
15.DGD - Hanging, Cancer and Age, Oh MyDGD320
16.Graveyard Groupie 1USER02033320
17.JK-The Million Worm MarchUSER01551320
18.Jackalope Ghost -- Yo Mamma Eats DirtJackalope_Ghost319
19.Death Press 6USER01546318
20.Plant A Watermelon on my GraveUSER02417318
21.RXRob IIIUSER01896318
22.Jose Greco de MuerteMaudieG317
23.O3 and BeerO3317
24.Death wins me a holidayptgkc315
25.Doc & DJ--We're Kind of a Big DealDoc & DJ315
26.Make the world a better placeptgkc314
27.MARY TYLER MORGUE 2Mary Tyler Morgue314
28.Death Cab for UglyUSER02331313
29.Paul's Pyre 2007USER02425313
30.A Grateful Deadhead IIJudysomething312
31.GS - Fear of the DarkUSER02467312
32.MARY TYLER MORGUE 1Mary Tyler Morgue310
33.Dansz Dead DudesUSER0044439
34.DGD - Depressed Mafia GhostDGD38
35.GS - Bring Your Daughter to the SlaughterUSER0246738
36.GS - Die With Your Boots OnUSER0246736
37.Roger GowiththrottleupRoger Gowiththrottleup219
38.Cold Dripping Blood 1USER00872218
39.Dr JonesUSER02191217
40.The Dirt NappersUSER02446217
41.DGD - But You Fuck One Goat?DGD216
42.NVN: Sadam and Satan not just a cartoon anymoreNo Viagra Needed216
43.sneakadigsmamaSAW THE LIGHT216
44.Ed CrankshaftUSER02191215
45.Tsuga - Dark Star CrashesTsuga215
46.We Spin TerrorUSER01145215
47.Auditioning for the Choir InvisibleUSER02452214
49.Guess Who Died? 1ZUSER01484214
51.JT04: Thanks Y'all!USER03898214
52.Tommytsled-In The Morning I Piss ExcellenceTomtsled214
53.TROLL 2Death Troll214
55.Dead People Server 1USER00380213
56.DGD - Oooo, That SmellDGD213
57.Doc & DJ--What, No Fuckin' Ziti?Doc & DJ213
58.GS - Suck it DownUSER02467213
59.Marked For TermiNeyTion 2 - All GTGTermiNeyTor213
60.Marked For TermiNeyTionTermiNeyTor212
61.Putting the FUN in FUNeralUSER01387212
64.Cartman- The Dead SchembeclersUSER01013211
65.Jaimz' winnersUSER02384211
66.GS - Flash of the BladeUSER02467210
67.Tsuga - Sharks Patrol These WatersTsuga210
68.Justin Hale 16USER0153129
69.The Medicine Cabinet of Slobodan MilosevicUSER0237529
70.Wishing upon a StarUSER0241729
71.Woody DeadpeckerWoody29
72.Dead or Canadian IIIRadler28
73.Stop Living Pleaseptgkc28
74.You can run but you can't hideUSER0158827
75.DJ Badger - DIE DIE DIE DIE DIEDJ Badger25
77.koolkat - die man dieUSER02160110
78.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed110
79.So Many Celebs So Little Time 2USER01375110
80.The BaronUSER00750110
81.THE MICK 3TheMick1110
82.My top 10USER0247219
83.Soon B Gonn 2Edhead2219
84.Abe Vigoda, Die already!echo081618
85.Jacks or BetterReaperMadness18
86.Sirhan Wilkes OswaldUSER0213118
88.Tsuga - Dragging a Dead PriestTsuga18
89.Rasputin's ExecutionerUSER0213117
90.TROLL 1Death Troll17
91.A Grateful Deadhead IIIJudysomething16
92.Ghoul Girl IIGhoul Girl16
93.JMD - Toe Tag 10Mr Wonderful16
94.Cartman- Opera Man Bye ByeUSER0101315
95.Death Press 5USER0154615
96.has beens 2USER0207615
97.JMD - Quick Get a ShovelMr Wonderful15
98.Spinzo: Glutton for PunishmentUSER0213815
99.TROLL 3Death Troll15
100.Femme Fatale IIIUSER0120514
102.Toe Tags and Body Bagspgdiehl14
103.Doc & DJ--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ13
104.Spinzo: Man Do I Suck at ThisUSER0213813
105.915 Dead and CountingUSER0031112
106.EBRAKE6: I Shop Therefore I AmE-Brake12
107.Pyx to Cross The StyxUSER0246912
108.Susie StinkoSusie Sicko12
109.Freshly FellatedUSER0213111
112.Chicago JakeChicago Jake00
113.Chicago Jake Lets Try This AgainChicago Jake00
114.firewatch 2007 pt 1DeathWish00
115.Firewatch 2007 pt 2DeathWish00
116.grave matthew's bandwildrush00
118.koolkat - randomUSER0216000
119.PB: Free List so what the Hellpbear00
121.Spinzo: Blind Pigs and AcornsUSER0213800
122.Wormer, he's a dead man! Marmalard,dead! USER0246300


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He used to do multiple heart surgeries at the same time, running between rooms to handle "the tricky parts". What a nut.

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