Hosni Mubarak has been played on 1110 lists, including 97 lists in The 2012 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.DGD - Both Parties SuckDGD746
2.DGD - Cancer means never having to say you're sorryDGD743
3.DGD - O Lord...Ooh, You are so big...DGD642
4.The Old C Againrojoepeters639
5.Insert Clever List Name HereGregDean638
6.They Should Have Known DeaderGregDean636
7.Doc & DJ--I Got What I Got All Despite YouDoc & DJ539
9.Jenny Was SweetDePressED536
10.The Good Die Young IITimur536
11.10 for 10BarisAurelius533
12.Birdman 1Bird533
13.This is how rumors get started 2012 - 2USER02248532
14.Cognitive DissonanceDGD531
15.Marked For TermiNeyTion 2012TermiNeyTor531
16.Johnny Dare Morning ShowBird530
17.Coming Back in 2012!MsWhatsit434
18.Recent LeftoversDGD434
19.Are we dead yet?Eat sh!t and die!432
20.Abdelbaset HoundGhost of Stiffs Past431
21.Von Ryan's ExpressTaugh431
22.Jumping the Big AlBird430
24.The Old Crojoepeters430
25.Feasting Maggots 1Feasting Maggots429
26.andrew knauf's listaknauf427
27.dingy momome first427
28.Guess Who Died? 2ZUSER01484426
29.Guess Who Died? 1ZUSER01484425
30.MJ Lives! IIMJ Lives425
31.Coal Stompersradrunninal423
32.Buh-Bye 3FireMutt35422
33.Y & I, The Initial PeopleBo Knows Death421
34.Birdman 3Bird327
35.If the world ends in 2012 at least I'll go 10/10Bird327
36.M I C... hope not to see you real soon!Bird327
37.Would you pull that crap with Annette?Bird327
38.You can't spell Eydie without DIEBird327
39.Cartman- Ten Ways To DieCARTMAN325
40.Death-Smoke 'em if You've Got 'emJayRockers!325
41.Chicago Jake - Anarchy on Lake Shore Drivelucky punk324
42.Death-I'm Sexy & I Know ItJayRockers!324
43.Happy Apocalypse 2012!HauntedWebmaster324
44.ReaperMadness #1ReaperMadness324
45.Death Rattle and Roll get 'em in a six foot holeTwilight is Near323
46.Easy MoneyEasy Money321
47.What the Hell, Why Not!MsWhatsit321
48.Cartman- Occupy Forest LawnCARTMAN320
49.JGL53 - I Am Not Bat Shit Crazylucky punk319
50.Justin Hale 11USER01531319
51.Nobody's Fool (Least of All Yours)RJD318
52.1 ajlposhajlposh317
53.Chicago's Voter RegistrationBeer Ninja317
54.Gizmo Says Bye BillyRottenToast317
55.The Second Mile Boys Choirzombie lover317
56.Justin Hale 03USER01531219
57.Justin Hale 10USER01531219
59.Cancer Committe MemberTitanPilot583218
60.Die Mommie Die (apologies to Charles)splittertogo218
61.Justin Hale 08USER01531218
62.Justin Hale 12USER01531218
63.Lifeguard at the Pool of the DeadBagger216
64.Die Verne Gagne DieTitanPilot583215
65.Gravediggers IIThe Coroner215
66.Lucky Punk - The Left is Always Rightlucky punk215
67.Taking a Stance No MoreGregDean215
68.As A DoornailCaveynCHI214
69.!!1 John Holmes talked softly and carried a big stickplanetearth66213
71.Death Soup: Penny For Your Rots?MJ and Friends213
72.Kevin's listkevin211
74.C'mon People, Start Dying!Altois29
75.Home to Jesus - leaders editionbjaskols27
76.MATTOID - Africa Wins, every timeThe Mattoid26
77.Put the FUN back into FUNeral!noseinbook25
78.Baxley - Frucking Stats 2Baxley110
79.Early to Rise, Early to DieBones McCoy110
81.Tripp's Death ListIterr19
82.Sen HelpMr Sen17
84.Northern.. This one was free..northern reaper13
85.The stiff in phoenix sleeps with pussys 1USER0220413
86.Toxic AvengerGaelFC13
87.Vadnelly VoodoosVadnelly Voodoos13
88.This is how political rumors get started 2012USER0224812
89.Dictators R UsRJD00
90.Feral Fodder #3BMT33000
91.Googuse's Evil Fuckersgooguse00
92.No Talent Ass ClownMeganG2100
93.Northern..They need to go.northern reaper00
94.Paging Mr. Girection,Is there a Hugh Girection here?zombie lover00
95.Rollin' on the bet they will just crap out...kewlness00
96.The stiff in phoenix sleeps with pussys 2USER0220400


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