Eydie Gorme has been played on 451 lists, including 104 lists in The 2011 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Xtreme DeadpoolingDePressED633
3.Doc & DJ--Thirsty? Killebrew.Doc & DJ531
4.Lights Out in the Boston Hills 3Joker527
6.come ondisplayname007432
8.Justin Hale 18USER01531427
10.AARP Happensshorty7ft426
11.Distaff Stiffslucky punk425
12.Justin Hale 07USER01531423
15.Feasting Maggots 3Feasting Maggots422
16.IAGO 2IAGO422
17.Now He's Harmlesslucky punk422
18.The Last Stopunit13422
19.Stranger Blue Leaves Us AloneDePressED421
20.chemo-brain's lindy losers 2chemobrain420
21.Justin Hale 02USER01531418
22.Come on I wanns See 'em in a mausoleum 7EdRulz416
23.Justin Hale 03USER01531415
24.Justin Hale 05USER01531412
26.Beat the ReaperThe Reaper321
27.Little Drivin' On A Saturday NightDePressED321
32.Doc & DJ--I Must Be In The Front RowDoc & DJ317
33.Justin Hale 11USER01531317
34.Lights Out in the Boston Hills 1Joker317
35.Always look on the bright side of deathAngel of Death316
36.Come on I wanns See 'em in a mausoleum 9EdRulz316
37.No Longer the Queen of Outer Spacelucky punk316
38.Opie's murder by Slingshot - Nodís MomKudsKroakers316
39.Come on I wanns See 'em in a mausoleumEdRulz314
40.Justin Hale 01USER01531314
41.Justin Hale 04USER01531314
42.Oops, Wrong DouglasBird314
43.Come on I wanns See 'em in a mausoleum 2EdRulz313
44.Slim Whitman's CrotchUSER02535313
45.Come on I wanns See 'em in a mausoleum 6EdRulz312
46.Birdman 8Bird311
47.Come on I wanns See 'em in a mausoleum 3EdRulz311
48.Come on I wanns See 'em in a mausoleum 4EdRulz311
49.IAGO 3IAGO311
50.Justin Hale 06USER01531311
51.Come on I wanns See 'em in a mausoleum 5EdRulz310
52.Grassy Knoll Dead!trashking310
53.Ethnic Cleansing 2hop196239
55.Justin Hale 15USER01531218
56.chemobrain's lindy losers leftoverschemobrain217
57.Doc & DJ--I'm sorry I spat on your dog. I have no recollection of that.Doc & DJ216
59.EMFC Justin Beiber Needs a BarberEMFCoffin215
60.Loki IIILoki215
61.Dead In The WaterDolby, Clancy, Giap213
62.Doctor of Death 2the doctor of death213
63.Ethnic Cleansing 4hop1962213
64.Pokey's Hard StiffiesPokey22213
65.Come on I wanns See 'em in a mausoleum 8EdRulz212
66.September MournRadler212
67.Double Dose of Douglas DeathUSER02535210
68.Food for WormsFood for Worms210
70.Lady Caroline MuffmuncherDePressED210
71.Are We Dead Yet?goodwin7328
72.Bring out yer deadMr Happy28
73.Charlie Don't Surf with Leena NguyenCharlie Dont Surf28
75.Hoping Kim Jong is ILLBird28
76.Mcswindlers Listhop196228
77.Run Run AwayBird28
78.Phil & Dons' Funeral HomeShoeguy27
79.Charlie Don't Surf with Sharon TayCharlie Dont Surf26
80.Pokey's DivasPokey2225
81.Are We Dead Yet 3?goodwin73110
82.That WAS Entertainment IIIcFilmslave110
83.Birdman 10Bird16
84.Death Becomes Themzabac1016
85.Death Rattle and Roll Aziz hands from a poleTwilight is Near16
86.MK - Final CurtainMBalmed16
87.phil & Dons' Funeral Home #2Shoeguy16
88.Sarky's HospiceSarky16
89.Dick Clark Better fuckin dieElster00015
90.Double Dose of Douglas. Double Dose.Bird14
91.Good Mourning Evanston IGood Mourning Evanston13
92.Ivy Cliff Memorial 2011-Ahodag2137813
93.Nancy Pelosi Sucks OneCrock of Pelosi13
94.Smells Like Ream SpiritTrumpSoon13
95.Birdman - can't spell eydie without DIEBird12
97.Cartman- Rent Too Damn HighCARTMAN11
98.Cartman- Blame It On The Bossa NovaCARTMAN00
99.Cartman- Taking My Talents To South BeachCARTMAN00
101.Greed is GoodBird00
102.Lisa's Sister and Sam Go to Hootersvillelucky punk00
103.Something smells dead you guys.. I'm not kidding.CaSkeT CrAzY00
104.That WAS Entertainment IIIbFilmslave00


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