Player List Name Stiffs Points 
1.RD02Jimmy Darmody died because he f'ed his mom431
2.KillerDeath in the Afternoon315
3.TireBiterIf he dies, he dies315
4.Mr BungleMr Bungle's Dead Folks29
5.FroggyBThe Wizard of West LA 115
6.KellsterThe Kellster Lives!14

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This list is managed by Kellster and is for games in The 2012 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool

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Guess the Stiff!

The essence of Catch-22 is that if you are concerned enough for your safety to ask to be declared insane, then you are sane enough to go into battle. The essence of Catch-23 is that if you stop breathing, you can't write anymore.

(d) December 12th, 1999