Suzanne Pleshette has been played on 194 lists, including 77 lists in The 2007 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
4.DGD - Stan The Man Out at HomeDGD429
5.DGD - One Last List & I Need a LifeDGD427
6.DGD - Buh LockDGD426
7.DGD - Fidel Won't Die!DGD426
8.DGD - Eight Won't Be EnoughDGD425
9.Justin Hale 09USER01531419
10.RJ Thurmont: Prime DeathRJ Thurmont417
11.When Brooke Astor Meets JesusDiamondToothGertie417
13.DGD - The Big CDGD323
14.DGD - Knotted Necktie For Saddam's Half BroDGD322
15.DGD - Hanging, Cancer and Age, Oh MyDGD320
16.I Can't Win If You Don't Die 3USER01728320
17.RLE-Funky Odor Col MedinaUSER01919319
18.THE MICK 1TheMick1319
19.Death Soup: Iraqimania!MJ and Friends316
20.Justin Hale 13USER01531316
21.RJ Thurmont: Dead by D-DayRJ Thurmont315
22.MARY TYLER MORGUE 2Mary Tyler Morgue314
23.MARY TYLER MORGUE 3Mary Tyler Morgue314
24.RJ Thurmont: Disposition 20RJ Thurmont314
25.Caught PlasteredFTG312
26.MARY TYLER MORGUE 1Mary Tyler Morgue310
27.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Brooks Versus the CloudFTG39
29.Northern Reaper northern reaper217
30.RJ Thurmont:Charlie's Old BitchesRJ Thurmont215
32.Guess Who Died? 1ZUSER01484214
33.Doc & DJ--What, No Fuckin' Ziti?Doc & DJ213
35.Hi Bob! Your Apartment's EmptyRD02212
36.Axeholes 2USER00355210
37.Chicken at Tresky's 1Chicken at Tresky's29
38.Hired Mourner 3But Is It Art?29
39.FTG: For Whom The Bugle TollsFTG28
41.RJ Thurmont:Corpse CorpsRJ Thurmont28
42.Stop Living Pleaseptgkc28
44.Reeking of deathTitanPilot58327
45.Excuse Me For Coffin #2EMFCoffin26
46.Susie's DeadbeatsSusie Sicko26
47.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Break In The CircleFTG25
48.Chicken at Tresky's 2Chicken at Tresky's23
49.Dead Zone 5USER01929110
50.Death By Pinocleoregontrail110
52.EBRAKE4: Not Too Soon To Say GoodbyeE-Brake19
53.Hired Mourner 1But Is It Art?19
54.Hired Mourner 2But Is It Art?19
55.Northern Reaper Adios!!!northern reaper19
56.Soon B Gonn 2Edhead2219
57.Come on Lady dieTitanPilot58318
58.Dead Zone 9USER0192918
59.EBRAKE3: That's It No More Shrimp Before BedE-Brake18
61.Dead Zone 8USER0192917
62.EBRAKE5: Winner Winner Chicken DinnerE-Brake17
65.Ghoul Girl IGhoul Girl15
66.Spinzo: Glutton for PunishmentUSER0213815
67.Dead Zone 6USER0192914
68.No Manga en Miami Con Hyman RothFrankie Pentangeli14
69.Spinzo: Man Do I Suck at ThisUSER0213813
70.Susie's LongshotsSusie Sicko13
71.EBRAKE6: I Shop Therefore I AmE-Brake12
72.Susie StinkoSusie Sicko12
74.Bob Barker, die alreadyecho081600
75.I just saw them togetherlindbergh00
76.Reap 'Em & Weep #1USER0055700
77.Spinzo: Blind Pigs and AcornsUSER0213800


Guess the Stiff!

Every year. This happens EVERY year. You look to start the year off with someone you can REALLY make fun of. Someone crazy, or self absorbed, or stupid, or whatever. We get THIS guy. Yeah - is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but in the section titled "The guys who never did anything dangerous - ever". Gonna be a good year.

(d) January 3rd, 2014