Olivia Newton-John has been played on 150 lists, including 97 lists in The 2019 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.When You’re Gambling Cards On Love You PlayDePressED417
2.Deadly DebutanteDeadly Debutante415
3.And Then There Were NoneDePressED325
4.DePressED 01DePressED323
5.Stranger Blue Leave Us AloneDePressED322
6.Death March 31BCeltics320
8.Sod SquadBarker J. Wagtail317
9.MrJeff's Selections of Sanctimonymrjeff2000316
10.Victory AND Death 1Shams316
11.Here for the RemovalKiller Swedes315
12.I hate myself for laughingtkdmel315
13.Lizzie BordenJackalope_Ghost315
14.Sack-o-Stiffies '19VicLic2315
16.Not Dead Yet IXTimur311
17.Xyla PhoneyGhoulash311
18.Death By Pinocle 2oregontrail310
19.Death becomes them.The rebel.216
21.Victory AND Death 2Shams216
22.Jackalope Ghost - 1, 2, 3, 4!! Hey Ho Let's Go!Jackalope_Ghost215
24.JON 2Jon00060214
25.Live Free or DieRobin213
26.Memorial Park Ranger 1memorialparkranger213
27.dicks out for harambechick813212
28.Got To Move To The Trick Of The BeatDePressED212
29.Everybody's a jerk. You, me, this jerk.PIxiaq211
31.Remember to Compost Your Elders 2Evil Lemons211
32.Spelled D.E.A.D....Dead Person Specialist, E211
33.They deadDead Person Specialist, E211
34.Jackalope GhostJackalope_Ghost210
35.Mr. Blake Loves the LadiesMr. Blake210
36.Belezebrah- A champion at deathunit1329
37.DePressED 10DePressED29
38.DePressED 06DePressED28
40.Making Roomfrenchchiller26
41.The Middle ClassUSER0056226
43.Norther Reaper List #1northern reaper110
44.Norther Reaper List #2 See Ya Later, Ladiesnorthern reaper110
45.Just one This YearRD0219
46.Kaiah's Death's Doorkaiahlyric@gmail.com19
47.Zsigmond FolliesGhoulash19
48.Dead Skeleton1BCeltics18
49.Doctor of Death - Dead Endthe doctor of death18
50.Habitat For Necromancygidget18
51.JON 1Jon0006018
52.Norther Reaper List #3 See Ya Later, Ladiesnorthern reaper18
53.Susie Sicko 2Susie Sicko18
54.BingBang's Walla-Walla Ding Dang 2Charlie BingBang Jr17
55.Chindon, That's enoughptgkc17
56.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed17
57.Rat Bastards 3USER0221517
58.Betty White will live forevertkdmel16
59.Everybody dies sometimeSmurfducky16
60.Going to Hell AlreadyHellbound Anyway16
61.Heaven's GateUSER0136816
62.JON 3Jon0006015
63.Susie Sicko 1Susie Sicko15
64.the olivia and bob listtheappointment15
65.Time's Up, Buddyk8cat15
66.won't make it out alivelittle terr15
67.DJ Badger says DIE DIE DIE DIE DIEDJ Badger14
68.Martha PearlDiane14
69.Stars becoming BlackholesRastafarian Mormon14
70.Does One's Own Funeral Count Towards One's Total Hours on TV?alan smithee13
71.Good Night Ladies, Hope to See You GoBairBones13
72.I hope I'm wrong about RBGUSER0252413
73.In Through the Out Doorptgkc13
74.John D. Smiley 2019 2nd Listjohndsmiley13
75.Deep state 2Sunshine Up My Skirt12
76.Death By Pinocle 4oregontrail11
77.God rest ye gentlemen and womienTwisted Freak11
79.sherlocks ghostssherlock11
80.Susie Sicko 3Susie Sicko11
81.Would You Eva Die?WouldYouEva11
82.Bloodbath and BeyondBloodbath & Beyond00
83.Bye, FeliciasShamorrison00
84.Cancer is the AnswerTumor_Makes_A_Does_In00
85.Cheeses love me, this I know!tkdmel00
86.Dave's Dead Pool Dream 2019 Part 1Your Dead Pool Highness00
87.EMFC: Burning Down Cheryls She ShedEMFCoffin00
88.KB's Stiffskeee0700
89.Oldies but GoodiesColFitz6800
90.Saw The Light #3SAW THE LIGHT00
91.Suitcase Full of Deathpasquinade00
92.Thank you. Bye.Thank you. Bye.00
95.VG - Ebola-ing for Dollarsvomit_god00
96.Victory AND Death 3Shams00
97.You're Dead To Me 1Back to the Dead Life00


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