Nelson Mandela has been played on 1300 lists, including 40 lists in The February 2011 Lee Jr..

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Etta. It Rhymes With Deada.Ghost of Stiffs Past312
2.Snarkymcsnarks death knellSnarkymcsnark213
3.Doc & DJ--Hey Ghosts...Why Don't You Eat a Bag of Dicks?Doc & DJ211
4.Wun Hung Lo 01USER01531211
5.Doc & DJ-- & DJ210
6.Doc & DJ--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ29
7.Doc & DJ--Dwight PowerDoc & DJ29
8.Birdman 2Bird28
9.Happy Birthday Lights OutJoker28
10.Birdman 3Bird27
11.Doc & DJ--John O'Conner Memorial ListDoc & DJ27
12.Plowing The Deep 2hop196227
13.DePressING to lose to the BirdmanBird18
14.Loki 2Loki18
15.Under my Man dela dela eh eh ehyoyomartini18
16.Birdman 1Bird17
17.Raoul 01USER0153117
18.Raoul 03USER0153117
19.Village Stiffy 3village14417
20.Wun Hung Lo 10USER0153117
21.I've Cornered The Market On Billy GrahamsTomtsled16
22.They aren't dead yet?RcktManIL16
23.Wun Hung Lo 08USER0153116
24.Doc & DJ--Joe DiMaggio Memorial ListDoc & DJ14
25.Wun Hung Lo 04USER0153114
27.Shazam IKudsKroakers13
28.Village Stiffy 1village14413
29.Birdman 4Bird12
30.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Fresh From ParisFTG11
31.Return to Zombie IslandHauntedWebmaster11
32.Twilight of the LawrencesCash From Cancer11
33.Axel Tomacbuckdaddy00
34.deathbitch rides againPIANOGIRL00
35.deathbitch unbrideledPIANOGIRL00
36.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: A Rare BreedFTG00
37.Mcswindlers List 2hop196200
38.Memento MoriThat's Entertainment00
39.Oregon, My Oregon, Take 2Ghost of Stiffs Past00
40.Village Stiffy 2village14400


Guess the Stiff!

That only leaves 2 more from the Kennedy clan - unless you count the NINETEEN kids they had. Hard to believe they just aren't dying fast enough.

(d) August 11th, 2009