Beverly Cleary has been played on 668 lists, including 156 lists in The 2018 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.AAA1++ Actuarial CertitudesBaxley110
2.The dead lebowskiThe Dead Abides110
3.A Nod's as Good as a Wink to a Dead Guyhenryflowr18
4.Don't Pee On My Leg and Call It RainBea Hind18
5.Charlie Don't Surf with Lucy ThaiCharlie Dont Surf16
6.Afterlife Sounds Like Fun, Ok?BodyFarmBound13
7.Damn Near Dead IIBada Bing12
8.The Tired and the Retiredphotosurrealism12
9.Victory AND Death 3Shams12
10.Jim's Leftovers OneBunn's Bones To Be11
11.MrJeff2000's Crematorium of Wheatmrjeff200011
12.10 Deadly Sins 2Bridgcorp00
13.10 Deadly Sins 3Bridgcorp00
15.2017 Left-to-the-sidesUSER0056200
16.2017 LeftundersUSER0056200
17.72 Virginsbridgy00
21.A Bunch of Old PeopleSatiricalAlexandria00
22.A Flock of Geezerskenthegreat00
23.A Grateful Deadhead 2018Judysomething00
25.Afterlife Sounds Like Fun, Go On Go!BodyFarmBound00
26.ain't coming back no moreMarkMx00
27.Alive & Kickin'XCheckmate00
28.Anarchy and a Biscuit #2Anarchy and a biscuit00
29.Back For Morejws796800
30.Been here too long, time to go!In the Box Looking Up00
32.Berta, it's timeFMCDH00
33.Better Luck This TimeCrys00
34.Blake's Old Female BonesMr. Blake00
35.Bloodbath and BeyondBloodbath & Beyond00
36.Bring out your dead!Evil Lemons00
37.Bugs and BonesUSER0592700
38.Bugs and Bones 3USER0592700
39.But George... THAT'S not Ramona!Margo Channing00
40.Cartman- A Bitter EndCARTMAN00
41.Celebrity Apprentice: Graveyard Shift Editionmerder4eva00
42.Celebrity Dumpster DiverUSER0016400
43.Cemetery Girls 1Cemetery Girls00
44.Centenarians: Gotta Love 'emRoquefort00
45.Charlie Don't Surf with Asa AkiraCharlie Dont Surf00
46.cheryl's morbidity challengeEuro-trash00
47.Chicken at Tresky's # 1Chicken at Tresky's00
48.Chicken at Tresky's # 2Chicken at Tresky's00
49.Closer to death than birthThe Shadow00
50.Coffin Livin IIJamoke00
52.Collaborative listScornForSega00
53.Come on 007displayname00700
54.Daisey Pusherssquidly76600
55.Dead From The Waist DownUSER0151500
56.Dead Headed StrangerBea Hind00
57.Dead Pool List 3firewife4life00
58.Dead Skeleton1BCeltics00
59.Dear Mr. Henshaw: I'M DEAD!Bea Hind00
60.Death Be Not Proud IXTimur00
61.Death Becomes HerCheckingOut00
62.Death Plus One- Casket 100Radler00
63.Death Pool Gambler 18-5Death pool gambler00
64.Death to SchmoopieCheckingOut00
65.Death's door!Dead Person Specialist, E00
66.Deathy McDeathfacerazorben00
67.Dee Parted 1JoanCrawfordsMakeupBag00
68.Dee Parted 2JoanCrawfordsMakeupBag00
69.Dee Parted 3JoanCrawfordsMakeupBag00
70.Die for us.The rebel.00
71.DJ Badger's wife Lanna also says DIEDJ Badger00
72.Doctor of Death 100the doctor of death00
73.Don't Let us Get Sick, Don't Let us Get Oldthedeadmanshand00
74.Donne In 2018splittertogo00
75.Donny was a good manThe Dead Abides00
76.DXRob IIIDX Rob00
77.Ethels ExitMaryjo8000
78.Festering Boil Pus 1USER0011900
79.Festering Boil Pus 4USER0011900
80.Free Deaths!!The Force is Deathening00
81.Ginger Lurch's Smelt ShackPaul168100
82.Going Out Of BusinessDrop-ins Welcome00
83.Going... Going... GonChris Goulart00
84.gone in a flashReaper Crew00
85.Holy Stiffs Batman!Big Guy00
86.i was misinformedFredo let's go fishing00
87.Ie Shima Death Squad1BCeltics00
88.Is it dead yet?Dead Person Specialist, E00
89.Its time!! Go towards the light!uselessexistence00
90.Jenn's ListScornForSega00
92.Just plain OldNVRGVUP00
93.Knock knock...reaper callingDead Person Specialist, E00
94.LA LISTE DE JOJO 2018Meo00
95.La Muerte Hora de MorirLaMuerte00
96.Lights Out in 2018Joker00
97.Live Free or DieRobin00
98.Lizzie BordenJackalope_Ghost00
99.Losers Club 2018laikahero00
100.May Death Be Upon Thembridgy00
105.Mr. Stiffs PicksMr. Stiffs00
106.Murrayballs #3skipgimp00
107.My Hit Listjdfoxman00
110.NihilistsThe Dead Abides00
111.Not Sleep Foreverresurgemus00
112.Of Corpse You're Dead 3Shoeguy00
113.Old Farts - Die Already!!Sheik's List00
114.Old Fucks ListCrissaitch00
115.Old is the new OldChris Goulart00
116.Old M-FersRhodesScholar00
118.Olivia StrongThe Pundertaker00
119.Painted Toe Tags #3Painted Toe Tag00
120.Pei Daysnakedya00
121.Pretty please RobertaOverstreet00
122.Rastalls - REALLY old - AGAINRastalls00
123.Rat Bastards 2USER0221500
124.Reap 'Em and Weep 1USER0055700
125.Rock N' Roll Me 'Til I'm DeadTrav00
128.Sack-o-Stiffies '18VicLic200
129.Sal-N-BettsSal & Barb00
130.Satan's Waitin'Barker J. Wagtail00
132.Scentury ClubDestinathan Death00
133.Sex behind the TombstonesAmazing Johnny00
134.Sic Transit 3 Mostly by the Numberssictransit00
135.Sled dog 1sleddog00
136.So dead, so oldDead Person Specialist, E00
137.St. Peter's Top 10 ListPozzo00
138.Stiffpicker 3Stiffpicker00
139.Ten Funerals 2Jerrytopdown00
140.That WAS Entertainment 2018aFilmslave00
141.The Immortal 3Lights Out00
142.The League of Entombed GentlemenAltois00
143.The unfortunate Anismus over Wohlert's graveonefunsob00
144.They Gone - 1fouriikc00
145.They Gone - 3fouriikc00
149.This parrot is deceased...splittertogo00
150.time marches onmirandate00
151.Turn Me On, Dead ManUSER0151500
152.Undead for nowzenomax00
153.Will they have one more birthday first?exilion00
155.Year of the Big Death 1Hugh G. Wrekshun00're dead to metheappointment00


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He just went past where the sidewalk ends.

(d) May 10th, 1999