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Gabriel Marquez
Mar 6, 1927 - Apr 17, 2014
Even more solitude!

John Pinette
Mar 23, 1964 - Apr 6, 2014
(Insert Pine Joke Here)

Mickey Rooney
Sep 23, 1920 - Apr 6, 2014
The Commissioner met him on New Years Eve 1999 in Palm Springs. It went like this:

Commish: Hello Mr. Rooney - great show.
Rooney: Who are you?
Commish: The brother in law of your band leader.
Rooney: Oh.

And he walked away.

Charles Keating
Dec 4, 1923 - Mar 31, 2014
The S&L scandal was bad, but what makes this guy a REAL asshole was when he tried to mess with pornography. Rip off all the people you want, but keep the hell away from our porn.

Lawrence Walsh
Jan 8, 1912 - Mar 19, 2014

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Today's Celebrity Birthdays

Lionel Hampton
Apr 20, 1908 - Aug 31, 2002
would have been 106 years old today
Flying home.
Betty Gerson
Apr 20, 1914 - Jan 12, 1999
would have been 100 years old today
If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will.
Harold Marcus
Apr 20, 1920 - Jan 22, 2002
would have been 94 years old today
And take that bastard Nieman with you!
John Stevens
Apr 20, 1920
94 years old today
Tito Puente
Apr 20, 1923 - May 31, 2000
would have been 91 years old today
We've been listening to him for years. Oye como fue.
Rita Rizzo
Apr 20, 1923
91 years old today
George Takei
Apr 20, 1937
77 years old today
Ryan O'Neal
Apr 20, 1941
73 years old today
Steve Spurrier
Apr 20, 1945
69 years old today
Luther Vandross
Apr 20, 1951 - Jul 1, 2005
would have been 63 years old today
Not here. Not now.
Henry Nasiff Jr.
Apr 20, 1962 - Sep 4, 2001
would have been 52 years old today
He had the body of a dwarf, but the talent of a midget.

Today's Celebrity Deaths

Charlie Whittingham
Apr 13, 1913 - Apr 20, 1999
15 years ago today
Looks like it's the glue factory for ol' Charlie.

Senor Wences
Apr 17, 1896 - Apr 20, 1999
15 years ago today
He made it to 103. Apparently, the extraordinary relationship he enjoyed with his right hand didn't hurt him any.



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