Newest Stiffs:

  • Liliane Bettencourt

    Liliane Bettencourt · 94

    October 21st, 1922 — September 21st, 2017

    Beauty really is only skin deep.

  • Jake LaMotta

    Jake LaMotta · 96

    July 10th, 1921 — September 19th, 2017

    Reclining Bull

  • Harry Dean Stanton

    Harry Dean Stanton · 91

    July 14th, 1926 — September 15th, 2017

    Fire Corpse with Me

  • Pete Domenici

    Pete Domenici · 85

    May 7th, 1932 — September 13th, 2017

    He voted to impeach Clinton because of his "lewd conduct", and then got a 24 year old staffer pregnant and didn't admit it until 12 years later. Lewd indeed.

  • Shelley Berman

    Shelley Berman · 92

    February 3rd, 1925 — September 1st, 2017


Today's Celebrity Birthdays:

  • Mark Sandman

    Mark Sandman

    would have been 65 today
    September 24th, 1952 — July 3rd, 1999

    Exit Sandman.

  • Phil Hartman

    Phil Hartman

    would have been 69 today
    September 24th, 1948 — May 28th, 1998

    This is a weird one. He was a celebrity AND a Canadian, and we still liked him. Go figure.

  • Linda McCartney

    Linda McCartney

    would have been 76 today
    September 24th, 1941 — April 17th, 1998

    We think Paul really put things in the proper perspective when he said, "Go veggie."

  • John Brunner

    John Brunner

    would have been 83 today
    September 24th, 1934 — August 26th, 1995

    Johnny, we hardly knew ye. In fact, who the hell were ye?

  • Alfredo Kraus

    Alfredo Kraus

    would have been 90 today
    September 24th, 1927 — September 10th, 1999

    Vita e mobile, vita e mobile.

  • Jim McKay

    Jim McKay

    would have been 96 today
    September 24th, 1921 — June 7th, 2008

    He's all gone.

  • Audra Lindley

    Audra Lindley

    would have been 99 today
    September 24th, 1918 — October 16th, 1997

    Forget Mrs. Roper she's a no-hoper.

  • Don Porter

    Don Porter

    would have been 105 today
    September 24th, 1912 — February 11th, 1997

    When Gidget used to squeal "Daddy'll just die!" she didn't know how right she was. He just died.

  • Sarah Knauss

    Sarah Knauss

    would have been 137 today
    September 24, 1880 — December 30th, 1999

    Forget not famous, she's not even part of the conversation anymore.

Today's Celebrity Deaths:

  • Judith Exner

    Judith Exner · 65

    died 18 years ago today
    January 11th, 1934 — September 24th, 1999

    She may or may not have slept with JFK when he was President, but she's sure as hell sleeping with him now.

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