Newest Stiffs:

  • Fidel Castro

    Fidel Castro · 90

    August 13th, 1926 — November 25th, 2016

    Cigars for everyone!

  • Florence Henderson

    Florence Henderson · 82

    February 14th, 1934 — November 24th, 2016

    Here's the story
    Of a lovely lady
    Who was bringing up three very lovely girls
    All of them had hair of gold
    Like their mother
    And then she died of heart failure

  • Denton Cooley

    Denton Cooley · 96

    August 22nd, 1920 — November 18th, 2016

    He used to do multiple heart surgeries at the same time, running between rooms to handle "the tricky parts". What a nut.

  • Melvin Laird

    Melvin Laird · 94

    September 1st, 1922 — November 16th, 2016

    If you mix up the letters in his name, you get "Die, Mr. Van Ill". Isn't that CRAZY? No? Well, OK. That's all we got.

  • Leon Russell

    Leon Russell · 74

    April 2nd, 1942 — November 13th, 2016

    A career spanning 5 decades, 430 songs, 31 albums, and wrote and recorded with pretty much ALL of the biggest names in music for the times. Also: he looked like Santa Claus.

Today's Celebrity Birthdays:

  • Andrew Cuomo

    Andrew Cuomo · 59

    (b) December 6th, 1957

  • Otto Graham

    Otto Graham

    would have been 95 today
    December 6th, 1921 — December 17th, 2003

    In the words of the traditional Palindromic farewell ...
    "Maharg, Otto Graham."

  • Dave Brubeck

    Dave Brubeck

    would have been 96 today
    December 6th, 1920 — December 5th, 2012

    Take 5. Hell, take 10.

  • Irvine Robbins

    Irvine Robbins

    would have been 99 today
    December 6th, 1917 — May 5th, 2008

    I scream, you scream, we all scream, he's dead.

Today's Celebrity Deaths:

  • Dobie Gray

    Dobie Gray · 71

    died 5 years ago today
    July 26th, 1940 — December 6th, 2011

    Ohhhh, gimme some peat, boys, to fill that hole.
    I'm gonna get tossed in a six foot hole and waste away...

  • Sunny von Bulow

    Sunny von Bulow · 77

    died 8 years ago today
    September 1st, 1931 — December 6th, 2008

    Forecast for tomorrow: a little less Sunny than today.

  • Werner Klemperer

    Werner Klemperer · 80

    died 16 years ago today
    March 22nd, 1920 — December 6th, 2000

    Though his Klink was more bumbling than mean,

    and Herr Klemperer stole every scene,

    like the Nazi he played,

    Werner toiled underpaid,

    the top sucker at Stalag 13.

  • Shirley Hemphill

    Shirley Hemphill · 52

    died 17 years ago today
    July 1st, 1947 — December 6th, 1999

    Wait a minute, first Mama, now Shirley -- what the hell is happening!?

  • Michael Zaslow

    Michael Zaslow · 56

    died 18 years ago today
    November 1st, 1942 — December 6th, 1998

    Recently starred in One Life To Live, and now provides us with substantiation of that maxim.

  • Don Ameche

    Don Ameche · 85

    died 23 years ago today
    May 31st, 1908 — December 6th, 1993

    Killed in a Mafia hit, reputed to have been ordered by his arch-rival, Don Pardo.

  • Frances Bavier

    Frances Bavier · 86

    died 27 years ago today
    December 14th, 1902 — December 6th, 1989

    Aunt D is more like it.

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