Newest Stiffs:

  • Joe Franklin

    Joe Franklin · 88

    March 9th, 1926 — January 24th, 2015

    He says he interviewed over 300,000 guests in his 42 years on the air. He may have been great on TV, but he sucked at math.

  • Ernie Banks

    Ernie Banks · 83

    January 31st, 1931 — January 23rd, 2015

    He played his entire career for the Cubs, so really he was already dead inside.

  • King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud

    King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud · 90

    August 1st, 1924 — January 22nd, 2015

    He had 32 children. Hard to believe it wasn't suicide.

  • Stuart Scott

    Stuart Scott · 49

    July 19th, 1965 — January 4th, 2015

    Much, much cooler than the other side of the pillow.

  • Little Jimmy Dickens

    Little Jimmy Dickens · 94

    December 19th, 1920 — January 2nd, 2015

    It's pretty tough to beat "May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose".

Today's Celebrity Birthdays:

  • Manti Te'o

    Manti Te'o · 24

    (b) January 26th, 1991

  • Wayne Gretzky

    Wayne Gretzky · 54

    (b) January 26th, 1961

  • Ellen DeGeneres

    Ellen DeGeneres · 57

    (b) January 26th, 1958

  • Eddie Van Halen

    Eddie Van Halen · 60

    (b) January 26th, 1955

  • Gene Siskel

    Gene Siskel

    would have been 69 today
    January 26th, 1946 — February 20th, 1999

    Two thumbs down. Way down.

  • Jerry Sandusky

    Jerry Sandusky · 71

    (b) January 26th, 1944

  • Bob Uecker

    Bob Uecker · 80

    (b) January 26th, 1935

  • Clement Dodd

    Clement Dodd

    would have been 83 today
    January 26th, 1932 — May 4th, 2004

    Coxsone inna doornail stylee.

  • Jules Feiffer

    Jules Feiffer · 86

    (b) January 26th, 1929

  • Roger Vadim

    Roger Vadim

    would have been 87 today
    January 26th, 1928 — February 11th, 2000

    And God deleted you, man.

  • Paul Newman

    Paul Newman

    would have been 90 today
    January 26th, 1925 — September 26th, 2008

    What we've got here is failure to perpetuate.

  • Annette Strauss

    Annette Strauss

    would have been 91 today
    January 26th, 1924 — December 14th, 1998

    She used to be the mayor of Dallas, and now she's dead, but we don't know which is worse.

  • Akio Morita

    Akio Morita

    would have been 94 today
    January 26th, 1921 — October 3rd, 1999

    The co-founder of Sony Corp. and chairman of the multi-billion dollar international conglomerate for nearly 20 years. Not bad for a guy who started out running Arnold's diner on Happy Days.

  • Philip Farmer

    Philip Farmer

    would have been 97 today
    January 26th, 1918 — February 25th, 2009

    He wrote "A Woman a Day" and "Blown". We might be on to what killed him.

  • Maria Von Trapp

    Maria Von Trapp

    would have been 110 today
    January 26th, 1905 — March 28th, 1987

    There were just too MANY Von Trapp sisters to make fun of just ONE.

Today's Celebrity Deaths:

  • Robert Hegyes

    Robert Hegyes · 60

    died 3 years ago today
    May 7th, 1951 — January 26th, 2012

    Dear Mr. Kotter,

    Please excuse Epstein from school. He's dead.


    Epstein's Mother

  • Christian Brando

    Christian Brando · 49

    died 7 years ago today
    May 11th, 1958 — January 26th, 2008

    Thrown to the lions.

  • Al McGuire

    Al McGuire · 72

    died 14 years ago today
    September 7th, 1928 — January 26th, 2001

    Coach McGuire demonstrates his unshakable faith in the zone defense known as "the box and one."

  • Don Budge

    Don Budge · 84

    died 15 years ago today
    June 13th, 1915 — January 26th, 2000

    In 1938, he clinched the Grand Slam at Forest Hills, becoming the first ever to do it. Then last year, he crunched his Grand Am in a forest in the hills, and it became the last thing he would ever do. Advantage, tree.

  • Shinichi Suzuki

    Shinichi Suzuki · 99

    died 17 years ago today
    October 17, 1898 — January 26th, 1998

    While most Suzukis feature either a two-stroke or four-stroke engine, the violin-teacher model was apparently unable to withstand even one.

  • Guy Raymond

    Guy Raymond · 85

    died 18 years ago today
    July 1st, 1911 — January 26th, 1997

    The trouble with tribbles is that it's the only thing anyone will ever remember about this guy.

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