Newest Stiffs:

  • Helmut Kohl

    Helmut Kohl · 87

    April 3rd, 1930 — June 16th, 2017

    They said he was friends with Vladimir Putin. The leader of a country friends with that maniac? Man. Good thing that would never happen in the US.

  • Bill Dana

    Bill Dana · 92

    October 5th, 1924 — June 15th, 2017

    We know some of you are thinking "How the fuck did this guy end of famous for the purposes of this game?"

    Yeah, well. That's what we are thinking too.

  • Adam West

    Adam West · 88

    September 19th, 1928 — June 10th, 2017

    Quick, Robin! To the Bat Grave!

  • Manuel Noriega

    Manuel Noriega · 83

    February 11th, 1934 — May 29th, 2017

    A man, a plan, an evil dictator. Manuel!

  • Gregg Allman

    Gregg Allman · 69

    December 8th, 1947 — May 27th, 2017

    Laid back. WAY back.

Today's Celebrity Birthdays:

  • George Michael

    George Michael

    would have been 54 today
    June 25th, 1963 — December 25th, 2016

    Trying to narrow down cause of death. Possibilities:

    - Boom boom in heart
    - Jitterbug in brain
    - Hanging like Yo Yo
    - Years of drug use and driving under the influence

    Has to be one of those.

  • Anthony Bourdain

    Anthony Bourdain · 61

    (b) June 25th, 1956

  • Sonia Sotomayor

    Sonia Sotomayor · 63

    (b) June 25th, 1954

  • Jimmie Walker

    Jimmie Walker · 70

    (b) June 25th, 1947

  • Harold Melvin

    Harold Melvin

    would have been 78 today
    June 25th, 1939 — March 24th, 1997

    If you don't know him by now, you will never, never, never know him.

  • Sidney Lumet

    Sidney Lumet

    would have been 93 today
    June 25th, 1924 — April 9th, 2011

    He's dead as hell and he's not going to take this anymore!

  • George Abbott

    George Abbott

    would have been 130 today
    June 25, 1887 — January 31st, 1995

    He wrote All Quiet On The Western Front. Indeed.

Today's Celebrity Deaths:

  • Patrick Macnee

    Patrick Macnee · 93

    died 2 years ago today
    February 6th, 1922 — June 25th, 2015

    The Avengers? Good.
    Lobster Man from Mars? GENIUS.

  • Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson · 50

    died 8 years ago today
    August 29th, 1958 — June 25th, 2009

    He touched so many...

  • Sky Saxon

    Sky Saxon · 71

    died 8 years ago today
    August 20th, 1937 — June 25th, 2009

    Clearly, he was pushing too hard.

  • Farrah Fawcett

    Farrah Fawcett · 62

    died 8 years ago today
    February 2nd, 1947 — June 25th, 2009

    Not just Charlie's angel anymore.

  • Lester Maddox

    Lester Maddox · 87

    died 14 years ago today
    September 30th, 1915 — June 25th, 2003

    Georgia's irrepressible segregationist, who defied the 1964 Civil Rights Act by chasing three black students from his restaurant with a gun. Given twenty days to desegregate, Maddox chose instead to close and sell the place, for which they made him Governor. Later, after his political career waned, he attempted to update his image by launching a nightclub comedy act with a black ex-con he had pardoned while in office. They were billed as "The Governor and the Dishwasher." We're not making this up.

  • Jacques Cousteau

    Jacques Cousteau · 87

    died 20 years ago today
    June 11th, 1910 — June 25th, 1997

    After a lifetime of exploration, he finally reached that most elusive mystery of the deep: Davy Jones' locker.

  • Warren Burger

    Warren Burger · 87

    died 22 years ago today
    September 17th, 1907 — June 25th, 1995

    Dead meat.

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