Newest Stiffs:

  • Jonathan Demme

    Jonathan Demme · 73

    February 22nd, 1944 — April 26th, 2017

    It puts the lotion in the casket.

  • Erin Moran

    Erin Moran · 56

    October 18th, 1960 — April 22nd, 2017

    Joanie Loves Formaldehyde.

  • Aaron Hernandez

    Aaron Hernandez · 27

    November 6th, 1989 — April 19th, 2017

    Pretty good hang time for a guy that never played punter.

  • Don Rickles

    Don Rickles · 90

    May 8th, 1926 — April 6th, 2017

    Who's the hockey puck now?

  • Dallas Green

    Dallas Green · 82

    August 4th, 1934 — March 22nd, 2017

    More of a greenish-black, actually.

Today's Celebrity Birthdays:

  • Kirsten Dunst

    Kirsten Dunst · 35

    (b) April 30th, 1982

  • Jill Clayburgh

    Jill Clayburgh

    would have been 73 today
    April 30th, 1944 — November 5th, 2010


  • Bobby Vee

    Bobby Vee

    would have been 74 today
    April 30th, 1943 — October 24th, 2016

    The night now has 998 eyes.

  • Gary Collins

    Gary Collins

    would have been 79 today
    April 30th, 1938 — October 13th, 2012

    He hosted the Miss America pageant and then married a former Miss America. Sounds like a conflict of interest to us.

  • Al Lewis

    Al Lewis

    would have been 94 today
    April 30th, 1923 — February 3rd, 2006

    Yep, even Grandpa boned Shelley Winters.

  • Claude Shannon

    Claude Shannon

    would have been 101 today
    April 30th, 1916 — February 24th, 2000

    Math bitch.

  • Robert Shaw

    Robert Shaw

    would have been 101 today
    April 30th, 1916 — January 25th, 1999

    No, not the stuffed ham that starred in Jaws and The Sting; he died in '78. This one was a bigtime choral director, which comes dangerously close to being an oxymoron.

  • Eve Arden

    Eve Arden

    would have been 109 today
    April 30th, 1908 — November 12th, 1990

    Sent from down below ... mother in-law.

  • David Manners

    David Manners

    would have been 117 today
    April 30, 1900 — December 23rd, 1998

    We tried to come up with something on this guy, but then we realized that we just don't know anything about Manners.

Today's Celebrity Deaths:

  • Bob Hoskins

    Bob Hoskins · 71

    died 3 years ago today
    October 26th, 1942 — April 30th, 2014


  • Tom Poston

    Tom Poston · 85

    died 10 years ago today
    October 17th, 1921 — April 30th, 2007

    Ever seen Tom Poston? Do they really expect us to believe that he would be married to someone as hot as Suzanne Pleshette? Yeah, right.

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