Queen Elizabeth II has been played on 728 lists, including 89 lists in The 2018 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Dirt Naps For Fun & Profit 1FrankJac16
2.!!!!! Albrecht Says Die 2Albrecht00
4.All The Presidents Deadgidget00
5.An outside chanceqaqwex00
6.Asta la vista stiffiesBig Guy00
7.Basically our 2008 list.Sarkon00
9.Better Kick The BucketRegor515000
10.Bloodbath and BeyondBloodbath & Beyond00
12.Bugs and BonesUSER0592700
13.Bugs and Bones 2USER0592700
14.Charles Whitman Samplersborn2run5900
15.cheryl's morbidity challengeEuro-trash00
16.Chicken at Tresky's # 2Chicken at Tresky's00
17.Coffin CornerDRave1300
18.Coffin Livin IIJamoke00
19.Corpses of Fameculwin00
20.Cross my heart and hope to dieCcantu90200
21.Daisy push-upsdisplayname00700
22.Dead Pool List 1firewife4life00
23.dead presidentsSBUMP200
24.dead presidents 2SBUMP200
25.Dead To RightsBluebard00
26.Deader Than a Doornailsplendiddead00
27.Death Pool Gambler 18-5Death pool gambler00
29.Dirt Map Motel: The PoliticiansDirt Nap Motel00
30.Double A's Dead Ringerslongbino00
31.Dumpster fire year 3mirandate00
32.Erika Anne Cut Off Her HeadBuffiedee00
33.Feasting Maggots 2 Players Monarchs a CoachFeasting Maggots00
34.Festering Boil Pus 3USER0011900
36.Gene's Listejm3330400
37.God rest ye merry gentleman and womenTwisted Freak00
41.GOP and Gayjimmyclay00
42.Guaranteed Win ListRealityRon6900
43.Heathers listBelle4400
44.Heaven's GateUSER0136800
45.Hermie BoolieHerm Boolie00
46.I Hate Authority!!Sheik's List00
47.Jim's NewbiesBunn's Bones To Be00
48.Just Die Already!Dr Drunk00
49.Loki 3Loki00
50.Long Live The Reaper ListStarvin Marvin00
53.my future friendslifesucks00
54.My yearWoz00
55.Neidermeyer.....?!?!?! DEAD!!!Boner Stabone00
56.Northern Reaper List #1northern reaper00
57.Not Looking GoodBengals31100
58.Of Corpse You're Dead 2Shoeguy00
59.Old and Not So Old Blisstersrjb12116200
60.Outside shot, with a few taking shots.Sarkon00
61.Playing the Oddsgooguse00
62.Poke The Bear 1Poke the Bear00
63.Poke The Bear 2Poke the Bear00
64.Politicos: Gotta Hate 'emRoquefort00
65.Rastalls - 90's to 70's and a queen - 2018Rastalls00
66.Rawkwell's Random ListRawkwell00
67.Reap 'Em and Weep 3USER0055700
70.Royal with KaseMardiRob00
71.Ryan AdamsWhoIsNext201800
72.Sad Last DaysPozzo00
73.Santa's Naughty ListShamorrison00
74.Sex behind the TombstonesAmazing Johnny00
75.Shrek's Death Watch!!shrek00
76.Skunkhair 2018 #1Skunkhair 201300
77.Sled dog 2sleddog00
78.The Future Faces of Moneyphotosurrealism00
79.The ImmortalLights Out00
80.The NJM Daisy PushersNJMCW00
82.Time To Die In 2018USER0002400
85.Wade WilsonSandifur00
87.Well nobody died, did they? 1ArchAngel00
89.Year of the Big Death 5Hugh G. Wrekshun00


Guess the Stiff!

Looks like they sent General Burkhalter to the Russian front.

(d) June 3rd, 2005