Carol Elaine Channing has been played on 946 lists, including 155 lists in The 2018 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.Tuning Outabone538
2.Life Elevated3Cheswick531 park ranger 1memorialparkranger431
4.In The Ground, Out Of The Ground?jws7968427
5.Life Elevated2Cheswick425
6.Bring out yer deadMr Happy424
7.Life Elevated1Cheswick424
8.Knockin' on Heavens DoorBuck420
9.Goodbye, Farewell, and Amenphotosurrealism417
10.Afterlife Sounds Like Fun, Ok?BodyFarmBound416
12.Festering Boil Pus 2USER00119325
13.Ghoul Girl IGhoul Girl325
14.Deadly DebutanteDeadly Debutante323
16.Harbinger VigilanteMrJoaquin88321
17.Toodlum!!! Is That You???Bison321
18.Asta la vista stiffiesBig Guy320
20.Basically our 2008 list.Sarkon319
21.dead presidents 2SBUMP2319
22.John D. Smiley 2018 1st Listjohndsmiley319
23.Morgue and MindyMorgue and Mindy319
24.100 Reasons to DieThe Force is Deathening318
25.Old M-FersRhodesScholar318
26.Of Corpse You're Dead 1Shoeguy317
27.DEATH BECOMES USpeople meat315
28.Heltmerz WeltschmerzMissAndyWarhol315
29.Lizzie BordenJackalope_Ghost315
32.Gone with the TideDEADMOM1960313
34.Bairly AliveBairlyAlive310
35.IAGO 2IAGO310
36.Fifty Shades of DeadMr Bungle219
38.Old is the new OldChris Goulart219
39.Please God Let This Be My YearFroggyB218
41.Been here too long, time to go!In the Box Looking Up217
42.Death March1BCeltics217
43.GOP and Gayjimmyclay217
45.2018 Ahoy!Npeo216
46.Croakers #1More Beer216
47.Drop Dead....PLEASE !!!!JetMech9x216
49.Killer Advocate Ilaptoplg216
50.Rat Bastards 3USER02215216
51.Sic Transit 2 The Wisdom of Crowds of Zombiessictransit215
52.Dear Mr. Henshaw: I'M DEAD!Bea Hind214
53.The OldMissAnnThrope214
54.But George... THAT'S not Ramona!Margo Channing213
55.Dirt DigglerDirt Diggler213
56.Jim's Leftovers TwoBunn's Bones To Be213
57.just a hunchEuro-trash213
58.Meine Totenliste Uber Alles!Better Dead Than Red213
60.Cemetery Girls 5Cemetery Girls212
61.Habitat For Necromancygidget212
62.Ig's list of stiffs 3The Ig212
63.MATTOID - All the Good Ones are DeadThe Mattoid212
64.Painted Toe Tags #2Painted Toe Tag212
65.A shot in the darkNVRGVUP211
66.AU24K-Solid Gold DeadUSER02040211
67.Collaborative listScornForSega211
68.Death is so Finalalohabeerguy211
69.La Muerte Hora de MorirLaMuerte211
70.Poke The Bear 1Poke the Bear211
71.More Old Farts!Sheik's List210
72.Blake's Old Female BonesMr. Blake29
73.Coffin Livin IJamoke29
74.Year of the Big Death 1Hugh G. Wrekshun29
75.2017 LeftundersUSER0056228
76.Dirty rotting scoundrelsmikegldn28
78.Better Kick The BucketRegor515027
81.MrJeff2000's Crematorium of Wheatmrjeff200026
82.You be done2Dirtdiggindogs25
83.Croakers #2More Beer110
84.Dead Pool List 3firewife4life110
85.DXRob IIIDX Rob110
86.From the Depths of the Chesapeake Vol. 2BillFromDaShore110
87.Just Die Itashifman110
88.Loki 2Loki110
89.None but the OneChris Goulart110
90.Reap 'Em and Weep 2USER00557110
91.Survivors (for now)zenomax110
92.The Clock is Ticking 3chriscott97110
93.90 Is The New DeadDr Drunk19
95.Corpses of Fameculwin19
96.gone in a flashReaper Crew19
97.I Don't Hear Enough RIPpingrazorben19
98.Rock N' Roll Me 'Til I'm DeadTrav19
100.Down and DirtyDRave1318
101.Getting OlderChris Goulart18
102.The Clock is Tickingchriscott9718
103.Well nobody died, did they? 2ArchAngel18
105.Cryptic CelebritiesJanisStoker17
108.Ten Toes Upjc3underpar17
109.DannyKel's Liv or Get Dyingdannykel16
110.Dirt Nap Motel: The CelebritiesDirt Nap Motel16
111.Doctor of Death 2the doctor of death16
112.Dust to DollarsDRave1316
113.Linnie's LosersLinnie's Losers16
114.Master Debaters IIStromThurmond6916
115.Natalie Woods life guardMaryjo8016
116.That WAS Entertainment 2018aFilmslave16
117.Walking DeadZombie Mom16
118.A list to die for...Betsy15
122.All Women DieBigdaddy14
123.Not Looking GoodBengals31114
124.Undead for nowzenomax14
125.Rastalls - all the 90's with classRastalls13
126.Jenn's ListScornForSega12
127.LA LISTE DE JOJO 2018Meo12
129.No... I am Spartacus!Margo Channing12
130.Of Corpse You're Dead 5Shoeguy12
131.Playing the Oddsgooguse12
132.The Women's ClubChris Goulart12
133.Citrus Ruins EnamelEvil Lemons11
134.Damn We Are Old!Dead Sleepy11
135.Death Becomes HerCheckingOut11
136.Donny was a good manThe Dead Abides11
137.Just plain OldNVRGVUP11
138.assman 3berg119900
139.Bring out your dead!Evil Lemons00
140.Buh Bye 03TenPaces00
141.Dirt Naps For Fun & Profit 3FrankJac00
142.DJ Badger says THIS ONE'S FOR MOM!DJ Badger00
143.Doctor of Death The Endthe doctor of death00
144.Going Out Of BusinessDrop-ins Welcome00
145.Jackchap -- Mary Tyler Morguejackchaput200
146.Jackchap -- Oldies but goodiesjackchaput200
147.Oldies but Goodies & BaddiesRoquefort00
149.Salt N Pepa's Older Farts Club Band IIpasquinade00
150.Say hi to Elvis 2018 2Spudboy00
151.That WAS Entertainment 2018cFilmslave00
152.The Velvet Lined Undergroundgidget00
153.Tomb RatersTomB rater 66600


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