Bob Barker has been played on 813 lists, including 156 lists in The 2018 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Under the knifeEvil Lemons13
2.!!!!! Albrecht Says Die 3Albrecht00
4.10 Deadly SinsBridgcorp00
5.10 Deadly Sins 2Bridgcorp00
6.10 Deadly Sins 3Bridgcorp00
7.1ajlposh 2ajlposh00
8.2017 LeftoversUSER0056200
9.2018 Ahoy!Npeo00
11.A List of winnersChuckie00
12.Ah Dee Ohs 2DuctTapeSmith00
13.Alexa, who is going to die?Flying Asian Carp00
14.Alive & Kickin'XCheckmate00
15.Anarchy is FunAnarchy and a biscuit00
16.Aunt B's Wish ListBairBones00
17.⏳ Time is tickin!!!Corey00
18.Beast Mode KobbemanMaryjo8000
19.Been here too long, time to go!In the Box Looking Up00
21.Better Kick The BucketRegor515000
22.Blake's Old Male BonesMr. Blake00
23.Bloodbath and BeyondBloodbath & Beyond00
25.bob must dieUnsub6900
26.Bugs and BonesUSER0592700
27.Buh Bye 02TenPaces00
28.But George... THAT'S not Ramona!Margo Channing00
29.Celebrity Apprentice: Graveyard Shift Editionmerder4eva00
30.Charles Whitman Samplersborn2run5900
31.Charlie Don't Surf with Asa AkiraCharlie Dont Surf00
32.Charlotte's Dead and Helen's ReadyBetter Off Dead00
33.Coffin Livin IIJamoke00
34.Come on 007displayname00700
35.Cryptic EntertainersJanisStoker00
36.DannyKel's Act Like You're Deaddannykel00
37.Dave's Dead Pool Dream 2018Your Dead Pool Highness00
38.Dead as a doorknobshroom00
39.Dead Headed StrangerBea Hind00
40.Dead Pool List 3firewife4life00
41.Dead Skeleton1BCeltics00
42.Dead Suthern RosesSuthernGraveyard00
44.Death becomes themThe rebel.00
45.Death Pool Gambler 18-6Death pool gambler00
47.Dee Parted 2JoanCrawfordsMakeupBag00
48.Dicks & Bobs & A BuckMissAnnThrope00
49.Dirt Naps For Fun & Profit 2FrankJac00
50.Doctor of Death 2the doctor of death00
51.Don't fear the reaperSmurfducky00
52.Don't fear the reaperSmurfducky00
53.Don't Make An Ash Of YourselfUncle Stiffy00
54.Erika Anne Cut Off Her HeadBuffiedee00
55.Free Deaths!!The Force is Deathening00
56.From the Depths of the Chesapeake Vol. 2BillFromDaShore00
57.Garfield Kartanalog_800
58.Gene's Listejm3330400
59.Ginger Lurch's Smelt ShackPaul168100
60.Going Out Of BusinessDrop-ins Welcome00
61.going up no going downSummergone00
62.Going... Going... GonChris Goulart00
63.gone in a flash 2Reaper Crew00
64.Good Ol' BoysYoungFreund00
65.GOP and Gayjimmyclay00
66.Grim Reaper 2TheGrimReaper00
67.Guaranteed Win ListRealityRon6900
68.Hawg SlopJ4HAWG00
69.Heaven's GateUSER0136800
70.Hope They Don't Kick The BucketRegor515000
71.Hoping they rest in peaceJames3022400
73.Ig's list of stiffs 1The Ig00
74.In The Ground, Out Of The Ground?jws796800
75.Inglorious BasterdsAndrew Edling00
76.It's all over nowSmurfducky00
77.Jackalope GhostJackalope_Ghost00
79.Jim's NewbiesBunn's Bones To Be00
80.Joe's listdpj012200
81.just a hunchEuro-trash00
83.Knock, Knock, Knocking on Death's DoorDead and Loving It00
84.La Muerte Hora de MorirLaMuerte00
85.Likely To Kick The BucketRegor515000
86.Long Live The Reaper ListStarvin Marvin00
87.Losers Club 2018laikahero00
91.Master Debaters IUSER0173100
92.Master Debaters IIUSER0173100
94.Meine Totenliste Uber Alles!Better Dead Than Red00 park ranger 1memorialparkranger00
99.More Old Blisstersrjb12116200
100.More Old Farts!Sheik's List00
101.Morgue and MindyMorgue and Mindy00 future friendslifesucks00
103.My Hit Listjdfoxman00
104.nevermoreeternal immortality00
105.Nicole's Awful Picksspol8500
106.Northern Reaper List #1northern reaper00
107.Of Corpse You're Dead 2Shoeguy00
108.Of Corpse You're Dead 4Shoeguy00
109.Old Fucks ListCrissaitch00
110.Old M-FersRhodesScholar00
111.old people suck 4steve-o00
112.Oldies but Goodies & BaddiesRoquefort00
113.Olivia StrongThe Pundertaker00
114.Pretty please RobertaOverstreet00
115.Pushing Up Daisiesnrubsol00
116.Random potential stiffsAmy Sue00
117.Rastalls - all the 90's with classRastalls00
118.Reap 'Em and Weep 3USER0055700
121.RoadkillDr Drunk00
122.Rock N' Roll Me 'Til I'm DeadTrav00
124.Royal with KaseMardiRob00
125.September MournRadler00
126.Sex behind the TombstonesAmazing Johnny00
127.Skunkhair 2018 #2Skunkhair 201300
128.Skunkhair 2018 #3Skunkhair 201300
129.Sled dog 3sleddog00
130.Something is Terriblelittle terr00
131.St. Peter's Top 10 ListPozzo00
132.Sweatin' BECAUSE They're Oldies!Margo Channing00
133.Swing Low...your chariot is hereUSER0222300
134.Thank you. Bye.Thank you. Bye.00
135.The 2018 ListLord Dickerson00
136.The AristocratsNarwal Bacon00
137.The Golden UrnCheckingOut00
138.The Killer B'sThe Pundertaker00
139.The League of Entombed GentlemenAltois00
140.The List of DeathDade City Death00
141.The Old FartsCantStandCorky00
142.The Tired and the Retiredphotosurrealism00
143.They Gone - 2fouriikc00
144.Thinning The Celebrity HerdDirt Nap Roll Call00
145.This parrot is deceased...splittertogo00
146.Time To Die In 2018USER0002400
148.Unk's death listDinorider1600
149.Vesty's ListVestament00
150.WAH2018 - WAH1USER0259300
151.Walking DeadZombie Mom00
152.We are still waiting ........Dead Sleepy00
153.What a Long, Strange Trip It's Beenpizzaman00
154.Wouk the Linelonedryad00
155.Year of the Big Death 2Hugh G. Wrekshun00're dead to metheappointment00


Guess the Stiff!

First, he brought us Grease, the musical. As if that weren't enough, he then produced Can't Stop The Music, starring The Village People. Good fucking riddance.

(d) June 28th, 1999