Talk about bad luck. First, she's born a Brit. Then, her husband is exposed as the central figure in a big sex and security scandal, but it happens 30 years before Hard Copy, so she can't cash in. Now she's dead, and she's only on one list! What a pisser.

Valerie Hobson
April 14, 1917
Died on
Friday, November 13th, 1998
Monday, October 5th, 1998
Valerie Hobson
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 Game Played Lists 
1.The October '98 Lee Jr.1


Guess the Stiff!

Let's be clear here: Dixie Carter is NOT FAMOUS. Nobody ever played her. Nobody ever even THOUGHT about playing her. This is exactly what the Kim Perrot Renovation is for. But we are SO tired of all the "Hey! You forgot Dixie Carter!" emails, that we added her. Happy?

(d) April 10th, 2010