Carl Reiner has been played on 361 lists, including 75 lists in The 2018 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.In Memory of ShivaMissAndyWarhol318
2.Dead Is As Dead DoesBison314
3.Erika Anne Cut Off Her HeadBuffiedee219
6.Rat Bastards 3USER02215216
7.That WAS Entertainment 2018bFilmslave216
8.Bugs and Bones 3USER05927214
10.Meine Totenliste Uber Alles!Better Dead Than Red213
11.Anarchy and a Biscuit #3Anarchy and a biscuit212
12.You gotta bereave!Footwedge212
13.Asta la vista stiffiesBig Guy211
14.Aunt D's Killer 2018 listRex211
15.Old M-FersRhodesScholar29
16.The AristocratsNarwal Bacon27
18.Dead Know It SocietyDead and Loving It110
19.Drop Dead....PLEASE !!!!JetMech9x110
20.Helton ShelterMissAndyWarhol110
21.Ie Shima Death Squad1BCeltics110
22.La Muerte Hora de MorirLaMuerte110
24.Survivors (for now)zenomax110
25.This parrot is deceased...splittertogo110
26.Year of the Big Death 6Hugh G. Wrekshun110
27..........And It's Deep Too!!!Bison19
29.MorbiduariesDestinathan Death19
30.Regis is my Idol, but he is old and there is money on the lineRastafarian Mormon19
31.Back For Morejws796818
32.Dead Pool List 1firewife4life18
33.Death is so Finalalohabeerguy18
34.Habitat For Necromancygidget18
35.Poke The Bear 3Poke the Bear18
36.The Clock is Tickingchriscott9718
38.Plots OpenYoungFreund17
39.The Ultimate Bomb IIpasquinade17
40.Bob, Bob You're DeadCheckingOut16
41.Doctor of Death 2the doctor of death16
42.Poke The Bear 1Poke the Bear16
43.Year of the Big Death 2Hugh G. Wrekshun16
44.Heaven Help UsSal & Barb15
45.Killer Advocate IIlaptoplg15
47.DannyKel's Die Laughingdannykel14
48.Death Pool Gambler 18-2Death pool gambler14
49.Jim's Leftovers TwoBunn's Bones To Be14
50.later gatorskissoff4413
51.My OLDRastafarian Mormon13
53.!!!!! Albrecht Says Die 2Albrecht12
54.Better Kick The BucketRegor515011
55.Citrus Ruins EnamelEvil Lemons11
56.Just plain OldNVRGVUP11
58.Buh Bye 03TenPaces00
60.Calireaper's all male reviewCaliReaper00
61.Cryptic EntertainersJanisStoker00
62.Damn We Are Old!Dead Sleepy00
63.Deathy McDeathfacerazorben00
64.Dirt Nap Motel: The CelebritiesDirt Nap Motel00
65.Dirt Naps For Fun & Profit 3FrankJac00
66.I loved that show, Six Feet UnderChris Goulart00
67.I'd really rather they not die, but if so, at least they made my list here.exilion00
68.Just Die Itashifman00
69.Lincoln's TombMardiRob00
70.Not Looking GoodBengals31100
71.Oldies but Goodies & BaddiesRoquefort00
72.The Future Faces of Moneyphotosurrealism00
73.The Velvet Lined Undergroundgidget00
74.Tomb RatersTomB rater 66600


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What do you want to bet he's already getting a long-awaited, eternal ass-kicking from Lee Marvin?

(d) September 18th, 2004