The former Nixon advisor has finally succumbed, 25 years after it was first disclosed that there was a cancer on the Presidency.

John Ehrlichman
March 20, 1925
Died on
Sunday, February 14th, 1999
Monday, April 27th, 1998
John Ehrlichman
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John Ehrlichman was never played in a game.



Guess the Stiff!

Now you're talkin'. Hank Kimball may have been little more than an annoying agriculture agent to you, but to us he was a legend. Well, not a legend, exactly. More like an old friend of the family. Well, not old, really. Hey, come to think of it, he wasn't even family. Matter of fact, he was kinda on the annoying side, now that you mention it. What was the question again?

(d) May 4th, 1997