Now you see him .... Now you don't.

Harry Blackstone Jr.
June 30, 1934
Died on
Wednesday, May 14th, 1997
Wednesday, May 14th, 1997
Harry Blackstone Jr.
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Harry Blackstone Jr. was never played in a game.



Guess the Stiff!

Man - this is a huge loss. It takes someone with real talent to entertain MILLIONS of people using your musical gifts. As if that weren't enough, he was a huge philanthropist and did benefit concerts almost every time he was asked. Married to Kimberly Williams (from Father of the Bride as well as other films and TV shows), she was as active as he was. The two of them together formed..

What? IAN Paisley? We thought you said BRAD. Who the FUCK is Ian Paisley? What? Are you serious? How are we supposed to write about THAT? Fuck it. We'll do it later.

(d) September 12th, 2014