Billy Graham has been played on 6519 lists, including 93 lists in The 1998 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Amy & Paige 2USER0285000
2.Amy Nelson Smith 2Amy Sue00
3.Ben J. AustinUSER0286500
4.Beverly TauberUSER0286700
5.Brian Bryan 1USER0288000
6.Brian K. PughUSER0289000
7.Brian LoughreyUSER0289100
8.Brian MentzerUSER0047400
9.Bruce H. SmithUSER0289300
10.Bruno 1USER0289400
11.Bryan Olson 1USER0289700
12.Buc Man & The Beard 2USER0290200
14.Cheese ClubUSER0290700
15.Cheri EmbreeUSER0155200
16.Chris FallicaUSER0022500
17.Craig MartensUSER0292200
18.Dan LacyUSER0292300
19.Dan WoolardUSER0044400
20.David ArmstrongUSER0292900
21.David Manning 1USER0293400
22.David Manning 2USER0293500
23.Die Hards 1USER0295000
24.Doug Chmielak 2USER0295700
25.Dr. R. Fred Gurney 2USER0296000
26.Eddie Bellah 2USER0296400
27.Eric NelsonUSER0296900
28.Eric WeidnerUSER0297000
29.Fred WinesUSER0031700
30.Gregory GodsonUSER0269400
31.He's Dead JimUSER0300200
32.Hock's House Of PainUSER0300300
33.Holly AgajanianUSER0093400
34.Ice XUSER0301400
35.J-Rod BatesUSER0301700
36.James KennedyUSER0302500
37.Janet Dow & Susie OrtonUSER0302900
38.Jay & Betsy 2USER0303500
39.Jeffrey BegensUSER0304800
40.Jerold KressUSER0305200
41.Jim MogleUSER0306200
42.Jo BremerUSER0306600
43.Joe Cascone 1USER0306700
44.John Bailey 1USER0307500
45.John Powers Charlie Bryk & Maggie Harrigan 1USER0308000
46.Jonathan HayterUSER0308800
47.Jonathon Eisner 2USER0309000
48.Joseph IacoUSER0309100
49.Joseph P. TyburskiUSER0309200
50.Kevin RothwellUSER0311900
51.Kim MargoseinUSER0312000
52.Laurie MannUSER0038000
53.Linda Lee ZeiglerUSER0313500
54.Marc S. Komisarow 1USER0314700
55.Marilyn DainesUSER0315000
56.Mark Mattheis 1USER0063400
57.Mark Mattheis 2USER0063400
58.Marshall Rocke & AssociatesUSER0315800
59.Mary Nelson & Debbie WordehoffUSER0316300
60.Mary-Austin Klein 2USER0316500
61.Matthew P. KingUSER0316700
62.Megan WilsonUSER0037100
63.Michael AdairDeath Troll00
64.Michael Reel 2USER0317300
65.Mike LorenzUSER0318200
67.Neil Erickson 1Minnesota Neil00
68.Peter AndersonUSER0321100
69.Peter BratkeUSER0321200
70.Prestonious Rex 2USER0321600
71.R.A. Henderson 1USER0063900
72.Ray LoftusUSER0322200
73.Rick & Mary NelsonUSER0322800
74.Robert D. Ardizzi 1USER0323000
75.Robert Haimer 2USER0323300
76.Robert Jordan 1USER0323500
77.Scott & Dana BludornUSER0325100
78.Scott SegrinFlying Asian Carp00
79.Scott SlavenUSER0325700
80.Stacey Hoffman & Sue Cedrone 2USER0327100
81.Stephen R. JohnsonUSER0327800
82.Steve Silver 1USER0006300
83.Sue Ellen MartinezUSER0124100
84.Susie Orton & Janet DowUSER0329600
85.Tara DembitzUSER0330000
86.Team O.B.E. 4USER0330500
87.Tes Rivera & James BowersUSER0330800
88.The Chich 3USER0331100
89.Tom Gothmann & Scott Davidson 1USER0332800
90.Uncle AussieUSER0333400
91.William D. JohnsonOh No You Ditten00
92.William DePasquale 1USER0004300
93.Yooper Quincy 2USER0334800


Guess the Stiff!

This guy was the greatest. Unlike any other televangelist, he came across as a psycho college professor, unkempt and ranting, possibly on drugs. Sometimes he played sax. Once, when he was upset about the paucity of donations, we watched him smoke an entire cigar, without saying a word, for twenty minutes. This was late-night UHF programming at its most riveting, folks, and Dr. Gene will be missed.

(d) February 21st, 2005