Player List Name Stiffs Points 
2.coffinrattlerCoffinRattler - Good Sports325
3.Bada BingDamn Near Dead II316
4.coffinrattlerCoffinRattler - Almost There219
5.memorialparkrangermemorial park ranger 1218
6.Bada BingDamn Near Dead217
7.Bada BingNot Feeling Well217
8.BairBonesAunt B's Wish List215
9.coffinrattlerCoffinRattler - Ancient211
10.YoungFreundGood Ol' Boys28
11.YoungFreundPlots Open17
13.memorialparkrangermemorial park ranger 213
14.YoungFreundLuck Be A Lady12
15.memorialparkrangerOnly the Good Die00

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This list is managed by coffinrattler and is for games in The 2018 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool

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Guess the Stiff!

Last surviving member of a small, yet fervent cult of deviants who promoted their bizarre agenda of perversion with such musical propaganda as "Swing It Sister," "When You Were Sweet Sixteen" and "You Always Hurt The One You Love.

(d) November 13th, 1999