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Newly famous for 2011

The Fame Committee has once again done their work, and help us to decide who counts for the crazy game we have here, and who doesn’t. So with no further ado (what ever the fuck that means), here are the newly added potential stiffs:

1. Ames, Ed
2. Assange, Julian
3. Aziz Al Saud, Abdullah
4. Bachmann, Michele
5. Bale, Christian
6. Barak, Ehud
7. Bieber, Justin
8. Brown, Jerry
9. Calhoun, Jim
10. Collins, Gary
11. D’Errico, Donna
12. Davies, Ray
13. Mick Mars (Deal, Bob)
14. Dodd, Christopher
15. Douglas, Buster
16. Favre, Brett
17. Ferrell, Will
18. Fountain, Pete
19. Gavin, John
20. Glover, Danny
21. Graham, Superstar Billy
22. Gramm, Lou
23. Michael C. Hall (Hall, Michael)
24. T.I. (Harris, Clifford)
25. Jackson, Katherine
26. Johns, Glynis
27. Johnson, Luci
28. Khamenei, Ayatollah
29. Lord, Marjorie
30. Musburger, Brent
31. Patrick, Butch
32. Peres, Shimon
33. T. Boone Pickens (Pickens, Thomas)
34. Powers, Stefanie
35. Heidi Montag (Pratt, Heidi)
36. Rowlands, Gena
37. Sacks, Oliver
38. Sassoon, Vidal
39. Shalit, Gene
40. Sheik, The Iron
41. Soros, George
42. Steinbrenner, Hank
43. Teixeira, Mark
44. Maria Franziska von Trapp (von Trapp, Maria)
45. Zeffirelli, Franco
46. Zuckerberg, Mark

Congrats to the February 2010 Lee Jr. Winners!

It’s all official-like now – the standings for the February 2010 Lee Jr. ar final. Means that the winners will get their prizes shortly. $1000 for first place (User00180), $200 for second (Doc and DJ), $50 for third (EMF Coffin), and then cool mugs or shirts for places 4 & 5, and free entries into any game for the 6 and 7 place poolsters.

That’s what it’s all about here at the stiffs.complex – the winners circle. Well, and people dying. And booze.