Stan Lee has been played on 402 lists, including 99 lists in The 2018 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.DJ Badger says DIE DIE DIE DIE DIEDJ Badger537
2.#rideordiedclitcourt531 park ranger 1memorialparkranger431
4.More Old Blisstersrjb121162431
5.Spoiler Alert: Everyone Dies in the EndMichenley429
6.In The Ground, Out Of The Ground?jws7968427
7.DJ Badger's wife Lanna also says DIEDJ Badger424
8.CoffinRattler - Ancientcoffinrattler423
9.Of Corpse You're Dead 6Shoeguy423
10.What a Long, Strange Trip It's Beenpizzaman423
11.Royal with KaseMardiRob422
13.Ten Funerals 3Jerrytopdown420
14.tom's stiff picksEuro-trash419
15.Epoch TexasEpoch Texas417
16.The 2018 ListLord Dickerson417
17.Hoping they rest in peaceJames30224327
18.old people suck 4steve-o324
19.Celebrity Apprentice: Graveyard Shift Editionmerder4eva323
20.Doctor of Death 3the doctor of death322
21.Helton ShelterMissAndyWarhol322
22.old people suck 3steve-o322
23.Ta da dead!Dead Person Specialist, E322
24.1ajlposh 3ajlposh321
25.Anarchy is FunAnarchy and a biscuit321
26.Anarchy Loves CompanyAnarchy and a biscuit321
27.Blake's Old Male BonesMr. Blake321
28.Asta la vista stiffiesBig Guy320
30.Corpses of Fame II: Electric Boogalooculwin320
31.10 Deadly Sins 3Bridgcorp319
32.Dead Skeleton1BCeltics319
33.Death Fest '18CheckingOut319
34.Donne In 2018splittertogo319
35.Loki 1Loki319
36.Rat Bastards 1USER02215319
37.Of Corpse You're Dead 1Shoeguy317
38.Old Fucks ListCrissaitch316
39.Bob, Bob You're DeadCheckingOut315
40.DEATH BECOMES USpeople meat315
42.Lights Out in 2018Joker315
43.They Gone - 2fouriikc315
44.Benito's #1Benny1975313
47.Don't Let us Get Sick, Don't Let us Get Oldthedeadmanshand310
48.Death Becomes YouThe Force is Deathening219
49.Steve Harvey suckschick813218
50.Year of the Big Death 6Hugh G. Wrekshun217
51.2018 Ahoy!Npeo216
52.Plots OpenYoungFreund215
53.Stiffpicker 3Stiffpicker215
54.Hope They Don't Kick The BucketRegor5150214
55.Year of the Big Death 2Hugh G. Wrekshun214
57.Dead Pool List 2firewife4life213
58.DXRob IDX Rob213
59.My OLDRastafarian Mormon213
60.Thank you. Bye.Thank you. Bye.213
61.Calireaper's all male reviewCaliReaper212
62.DannyKel's Act Like You're Deaddannykel212
63.MATTOID - All the Good Ones are DeadThe Mattoid212
64.Stiffpicker 2Stiffpicker212
65.Dave's Dead Pool Dream 2018Your Dead Pool Highness211
66.La Muerte Hora de MorirLaMuerte211
67.nevermoreeternal immortality211
68.Pretty please RobertaOverstreet211
69.The Classics Never Go Out of StyleAltois211
70.The Future Faces of Moneyphotosurrealism211
71.Alfred Hitchcock SpecialMardiRob210
72.Death Pool Gambler 18-5Death pool gambler210
73.Sled dog 2sleddog210
74.Unk's death listDinorider16210
76.Death Plus One- Casket 100Radler29
77.Thinning The Celebrity HerdDirt Nap Roll Call29
78.2017 LeftundersUSER0056228
79.Gene's Listejm3330428
80.Skunkhair 2018 #1Skunkhair 201328
82.Old Farts - Die Already!!Sheik's List25
83.You be done2Dirtdiggindogs25
85.Sad Last DaysPozzo19
86.More Oldies but Goodies & BaddiesRoquefort18
87.Coffin Livin IIJamoke17
88.Loaded and Ready to GoSLM17
90.Cross my heart and hope to dieCcantu90216
91.Deathy McDeathfacerazorben16
92.Dirt Nap Motel: The CelebritiesDirt Nap Motel16
93.Master Debaters IIStromThurmond6916
94.That WAS Entertainment 2018aFilmslave16
95.Jim's NewbiesBunn's Bones To Be15
96.Knock, Knock, Knocking on Death's DoorDead and Loving It13
97.Jenn's ListScornForSega12
98.Damn We Are Old!Dead Sleepy11
99.I'd really rather they not die, but if so, at least they made my list here.exilion11


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