Luise Rainer has been played on 1877 lists, including 88 lists in The 2010 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Dust to DollarsDRave13744
2.Birdman - We Will Miss You Ernie! A Class Act.Bird640
3.Dr. Steve 1Dr. Steve635
4.Dr. Steve 3Dr. Steve634
5.Salnbetts1Sal & Barb634
6.Dr. Steve 4Dr. Steve633
7.Dr. Who - Bunch of Old FartsDr. Who633
8.JT: Just a Bunch of Old FolksTripper633
9.Pookie's Stiffs #1Pookie's Stiffs632
10.Ghost of Stiffs Past 8Ghost of Stiffs Past537
11.Dr. Steve 6Dr. Steve533
12.Dr. Steve 2Dr. Steve532
13.Baxley - I'm back... and bitter...Baxley531
14.Baxley - Live midget LIVE!!!Baxley531
15.Destroyers 3Destroyers531
16.Cash From Cancer: Stiff and WoodenCash From Cancer530
17.MK Oldies But GoodiesMBalmed527
18.95 and Die ClubJohnRandy526
19.Destroyers 1Destroyers525
20.Kid GhoulashGhoulash525
21.PUSHING UP DAISIES (1)02495525
23.Doc & DJ--That's a Bingo!Doc & DJ432
24.Absolut ZombiesJim430
25.Dr. Steve 5Dr. Steve430
26.Sod SquadBarker J. Wagtail430
27.DePressED6 - That Ball Is Loooooong GoneDePressED429
28.Justin Hale 10USER01531429
29.Opie's murder by slingshot - Blinkinís MomKudsKroakers429
30.CaliReapers women for ignorant judgesCaliReaper427
31.Destroyers 6Destroyers427
32.Here TodayBuck427
33.Ghoulash IIGhoulash426
34.Cash From Cancer: I am Ruth's PancreasCash From Cancer425
35.Justin Hale 06USER01531425
36.MK Final CurtainMBalmed425
37.Baxley - Run Zelda Run!!!Baxley424
39.Cash From Cancer: Miep, Miep, six feet deepCash From Cancer423
40.Cemetery Girls 3Cemetery Girls423
41.GATER HATERThe rebel.423
42.There Is No LeadDePressED422
43.Dwyer's Zombie ListJim420
44.I REALLY Suck At ThisBibsPal420
45.Satan's Waitin'Barker J. Wagtail419
47.Justin Hale 09USER01531325
48.Loki 2Loki325
50.Team Formalin: Say It With Dead Flowersanarchess323
52.Destroyers 2Destroyers322
53.POTUS 9USER02464322
56.RJ Thurmont: Moldy OldiesRJ Thurmont321
57.Class of 90USER01832320
58.NVN: Sorry I like the old select o maticNo Viagra Needed320
59.Stones Girl thanks PeteStones Girl320
60.Death March1BCeltics318
61.Lights Out in the Boston HillsJoker318
62.DGD - AvariceDGD317
63.MK That's ShowbizMBalmed317
64.yeah yeah buh bye 5yeah yeah buh bye316
65.Circumstances Beyond Our controlttc4319315
66.Lizzie BordenJackalope_Ghost314
67.Vagina Death SquadUSER00750310
68.Cartman-The DistiffCARTMAN218
69.Death Rattle: Bright, Shiny Facesanarchess214
70.hark from the tombsJohn 3:16213
71.nvrgvup -5NVRGVUP213
72.Cyst and Decease!Pozzo212
73.Tic Tag Toeroderner212
74.Afraid of the Dark #1Minnesota Neil210
75.A Grateful Deadhead IJudysomething29
76.The Show Can't Go OnBrucovitch26
77.Filthy Fucking Whoresfilthy whore110
78.Mary Tyler Morgue 2Shoeguy110
79.NVN: and the worms ate into his brainNo Viagra Needed110
80.September MournRadler19
83.CaliReaper says time to go.CaliReaper15
85.Dr. Terror's House of HorrorsDiamondToothGertie00
86.No Bones About It 3Digger O Dell00
87.No more BMS5Digger O Dell00
88.Not Quick Enoughchakakhanoz00


Guess the Stiff!

Trying to narrow down cause of death. Possibilities:

- Boom boom in heart
- Jitterbug in brain
- Hanging like Yo Yo
- Years of drug use and driving under the influence

Has to be one of those.

(d) December 25th, 2016